Big Changes for the 7th iAniMagic Animation Contest

ianimagic 2017 Submission

Update: the new submission deadline is on March 31 2018.  To accommodate participants and allow them to create quality work they can be proud of we have generously extended the contest deadline. Happy animating 🙂

Squash and stretch your mind for the appeal is real. No exaggeration. The staging is perfect and there’s no better timing. There is no anticipating the action that is straight ahead.

Get excited and freshen up on these basic animation principles! The 7th iAniMagic will soon commence and it’s going to be better than ever! Make sure to put on your game face because we have some game changing announcements that will heighten this year’s competition.

Game Changers

Could you imagine life without airplanes today? We couldn’t. Building and flying the world’s first successful aircraft took teamwork, creativity, and a lot of imagination. We want to enable contestants to be game changers like the Wright Brothers. This year’s contest will allow contestants to work in teams of up to five using any software of their choosing to create their animations.

In addition to broadening the resources contestants will be able to use, we are broadening the exposure that their hard work will have. Changing the game of audience reach. We have arranged for animations from this contest to be played publicly at the Fu Zheng Animation & Story Gallery and Kaohsiung Film Archive, as well as added a scoreboard feature for students and institutions to gain more exposure.

Back to the Future Wax figure, 3dman_eu

Drum Roll Please

This year’s theme is everlasting. Its creative boundaries have no limit. You have seen it in the movies, been asked to write papers about it, and probably even talked about it in the last 48 hours. This time elusive, mysterious, boundary less theme is the future.

This year we invite you to dig deep into your creativity and imagination and share your ideas about the future with us. Need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing? Grab some friends, make some popcorn and get comfy. The vast and varied list of movies that display someone’s perception of the future is everlasting with films like Alien, Avatar, The Giver, The Hunger Games, Lucy, The Matrix, Planet of the Apes, Resident Evil, Serenity, Source Code, Star Trek, Transformers, and many others.

Nuts and Bolts

Every good time machine has some nuts and bolts to keep it from falling apart. Before your creative juices go running too far into the future, take a second to make sure all the nuts and bolts are in place and working properly. Here are some guidelines:

  • The contest runs from August 1 2017 to  March 31 2018.
  • Animations should be 2D and range in length between 15-120 seconds.
  • Submit via the AniZone contest page or
  • The Animation Desk app for animations created using Kdan Mobile’s software

Now would also be a great time to mention that there are also big changes coming for the AniZone website. The homepage will receive a new layout and navigation bar to accommodate the improvements being made to the upload and search engine pages. It will soon be an almost effortless process to search for the animations you desire and give proper credit to all contributors. If you notice changes to the website during the contest, fear not, you are still on the correct website.

Shooting Basketball, tpsdave

He Shoots and He Scores

This year we have added a friendly competition for universities and their students. Institutions who register for the contest will be added to a scoreboard. Institutions earn one point for every qualified submission received from their students. Every week we will feature the institution with the highest score for that week and the works from its students on the Animation Desk Facebook page. Signing up for the scoreboard increases exposure opportunities for institutions, their talented students’ work, and enables students to compete for the student specific awards. 

Awards and Prizes

In addition to the opportunity to practice their skills, showcase their creativity, and build their resume, contestants have the chance to win one or multiple of the following awards.

iAniMagic Prizes

The winner of the jury award can choose from a 3D printer or a PlayStation 4 (along with VR Bundle and games). Other prizes include drones, robots, scholarship, and more.

*We reserve the right to replace any prize listed with a prize of equal or greater value.

What are you waiting for?

Running a Race, william stitt

In summary, there is no longer a software restriction. Contestants can work in teams of up to five to convey their ideas about the future. Submissions will be received from August 1st  2017 to March 31 2018 via AniZone or the Animation Desk App. Institutions should sign up to receive added bonuses.

What are you waiting for? Follow us on Facebook for updates about the contest and let your creativity soar into the future.

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