“Attention, Class!” – Learn New Ways to Be a Smarter Teacher with Creativity 365

A shout-out to all the great teachers out there! You do so many tremendous things every day to enrich the lives of students. And now we want to show our gratitude for all your hard work by sharing some ideas on the tools that can assist you in your school life. Whether you want to make your students’ learning process more interesting through the use of other methods of teaching, or simply seek for instruments to help you with your administrative tasks, take a look at our suggestions!

Be more creative with your teaching materials in class

Regardless of which subjects you teach, the Creativity 365 app series is there to make your life easier! Get some inspirations for your different subject classes:

german classesFor German language classes, it is important for teachers to explore different ways to help the students learn new vocabulary and phrases. NoteLedge helps create a digital vocab book. Teachers can use illustrations and pictures to represent the meaning of the words, record down the pronunciation using the in-app voice recorder, and present the vocab book to the class in the slideshow mode. As an idea for homework, the students could be asked to record their pronunciation every day in the same book, and the teachers can view their digital vocab book and follow their progress. This is a lot more fun and interesting than just writing down new words!

NoteLedge-german classes

math classesNoteLedge’s Smart Pen is a math teacher’s best friend! Math teachers have to regularly freehand draw shapes on the blackboard, but it can be challenging to draw the shapes perfectly. By drawing on NoteLedge, the Smart Pen can automatically detect the shape being drawn and standardize the shape. May it be a straight line, circle, triangle, square or rectangle, the shapes turn out perfectly every time!

art classesWhen it comes to art lessons, besides teaching the traditional 2D and 3D art teachers can branch out to different forms of art, such as digital animations! Animation Desk offers many useful and intuitive tutorials on how to draw animations. Art teacher can show the 12 Principles of Animation videos on Anizone in their lessons, use these tutorials to guide the students and help them create their own animation.

Let your mobile devices help you at your job

Thanks to digitalization and new technologies, you are no longer confined to just working at your desk on an old, boxy PC. Make use of your mobile devices and embrace the culture of convenience they offer!

When it comes to dealing with the daily administrative work and lesson planning, you can do this on-the-go! To check your lesson plan on the way to school, just open Markup app, and add any additional annotations as handwritten or typed notes. If you want to quickly record down the flow of new ideas that just came to you, you can use the recording function, make a voice clip and attached it to your documents. For any urgent documents that require your attention, why not use Pocket Scanner to save a digital copy and add your comments or sign your signature through Markup.

Besides interacting with your students in class, it is also important to organize other extracurricular activities that take them out of the classroom, to develop their other skills. When it comes to the yearly sports day or field trip, it is easy to take many photos and videos of the highlights, but often you are left with so many files that it takes a long time to organize it. Let’s make your life easier by using Write-on VideoThe built-in camera is the perfect tool for photo capturing and video recording. Then you can use its video trimmer to shorten and edit the video as desired and organize all the files one after the other with transitional effects and captions, to create a story collecting all the fantastic memories. You can even add music clips to the story to create the right atmosphere.

write-on video-sports day

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