Your Favorite Animating App Gets a New Interface

Animation Desk

This Upgrade will Make it Easier Than Ever to Create Stunning Animations

Animation Desk is delighted to unveil its new sleek and stylish interface and with it, a whole slew of new and exciting features! Sound appealing to you? Be sure to sign up to beta test the app before it’s released to the general public and give your feedback on the new update!

Your Feedback Helps Improve Animation Desk

Thanks to your constructive feedback, we’re able to carry on the project and keep polishing the tool for all animation lovers. We identify users’ needs by approaching the problem from different perspectives. We interviewed art students, amateur animators, and even some of our creative staff members, and conducted a questionnaire survey. Our primary finding was that many animators–particularly newer ones–are looking for better tools to create whilst jumping over the initial hurdles that can make animating seem hard at first.  

It’s Your Turn to Dream Big

Animating can be challenging, and with many of our users being younger, or having walked away from animation before, we want to create an easygoing, simple atmosphere that all animators can enjoy. When we say “Dream Big with Animation Desk,” we want to lower the difficulty of creating animations and focus more on encouraging creativity and artistic expression so users can spend more time doing what they love!

New Feature Sneak Peek: Rulers, Timeline, Zoom-In and Out


  • Rulers – draw perfect lines, circles, and squares with rulers to help perfect your animations that would otherwise be difficult to draw by hand (Insert Images)
  • Timeline – view all frames instantly without the hassle of having to jump back and forth between different interfaces on the app 
  • Zoom-In, Zoom-Out and canvas rotation – (need more info)
  • More features available on the app

Beta Testers, Come All!

As this new version of Animation Desk is still in the works, there is still development and testing that needs to be done—and that is why we need you! Be one of the first people to sign-up for beta testing and provide the necessary feedback, and you will be awarded a 30-day free trial when the update is launched in Summer 2020.