#AD4EVER Back to Basics I: From Seed to Plant

As part of the series of #AD4EVER Back to Basics tutorials, we have released the first tutorial: From Seed to Plant, showing you how to animate a growing flower. This tutorial focuses on the frame duplication technique. It’s a great starting point for you to learn how to create a simple animation if you are new to this field. So begin by picking up your brush on the user-friendly Animation Desk, and learn the tips and tricks from these tutorials, you will be creating great animations in no time!

intro shot

In this tutorial, we will guide you through how to build your own animation step by step. By learning how to import a background image, select colors with eyedropper and utilize background layer, you can gradually build on your animation knowledge and techniques to create fantastic work.

Import a background image

Download the reference image we’ve prepared for you. Create a new project and set the frames to 1. Import the reference image from your photo library to layer 1.


Prepare your color palette

Select the colors you like from the imported image by using the eyedropper. Remember to tap on the color palette to save your selected colors.


Sketch the scene

After selecting the colors, delete the reference image and start sketching your flower on the blank canvas.


Use the draft as template

Screen capture your draft and import it as background.


Animate the draft

Return to layer 1, use your draft as a reference and build on it. Remember to duplicate your current frame each time when you are done.


Set first and last frame to 12

Once you have finished, remove your draft in the background, return to layer 1 and repeat the first and last frame to 12.


As you can see, making an animation can be quite simple. We hope that you have enjoyed the video and tips, and that it has helped you kick-start your new animation project!