5 Insider Hacks from the NoteLedge Team


It takes more than creativity and technical skills to build an app. Experimentation, communication, and teamwork are key to keeping the project up and running. For our NoteLedge team, the best way to refine a product is to put ourselves in the users’ shoes and use it in our daily workflow.

Today we’re sharing some insider hacks. Read on and learn how our staff use NoteLedge to generate ideas, facilitate communication, and deliver a better user experience. You just might discover useful tips you’ve never thought of before.

Hack #1: Research and Generate Ideas 

– Chris Su / Project Manager

As the project leader and the mastermind behind mobile app development, Chris uses NoteLedge to collect information from web sources, as well as generate new ideas. The drag and drop feature allows him to quickly gather information from Pinterest and his designer favorite sources such as designboom or Creative Applications Network. The canvas-like workspace is ideal for sketching, writing, and adding audio notes with referencing materials. When an idea is born, Chris can easily share the concept and UX wireframe with team members.

Concept Design

Hack #2: Get Hands-on with Smart Gestures

– Hsiaowen Wu / UX Designer

Studying the latest design trend is an essential part of Hsiaowen’s job as the interaction/user experience (UX) designer. Her favorite tip is to watch videos in a floating window and take notes at the same time. This allows her to flip pages while the video is playing on the top, and comprehend more information with all the reference materials and note-taking tools. This is particularly useful when she’s doing UX research from web sources like UX Matters or UX Booth.

UX Research Notes
Watch videos in a floating window and take notes simultaneously.

Hsiaowen also applied intuitive iOS gestures to NoteLedge for better user experience. Try these out!

  • Double tap on a note cover to quickly access the note content.
  • Swipe up from page preview thumbnails to present slideshows.
  • Two-finger pinch on the page to zoom in and out. Then double tap to return to 100% view.

Hack #3: Communicate with Visual Aids

– Ting-yi Chen / Graphic Designer

Ting-yi finds NoteLedge particularly useful for illustrating ideas and creating storyboards for video shooting. Adding pictures of potential characters, reference videos and background music helps her visualize the scenes and create a content-rich storyboard. So she could easily discuss the script with the director and communicate with the production team while reviewing  all the materials needed. This is something you cannot do with a traditional pen and paper storyboard.

Storyboard for video shooting
Create a storyboard for video shooting with reference images and background music.

Ting-yi also shares a very useful sketching tip: Write or draw the outline with fountain pen, and then color with the marker. Since the marker drawing is defaulted as the bottom layer, you get to overlap handwritings or sketches above the marker’s background color.

Lion Sketch
Draw an outline or write with the fountain pen, then color with the marker.

Hack #4: Digest Technical Documents Efficiently

– Zhixun Liu/ iOS Software Developer

As the iOS software developer, Zhixun’s top priority is to keep up-to-date with iOS releases and make sure the app performance is at its best. To digest piles of technical documents and ever-updating tech news, Zhixun has a systematic way to organize information by clipping the highlighted contents from PDF documents and gathering key information from web pages.

Zhixun only keeps essential information in his notes. When he needs more details for coding, he can trace back to the original document and web sources. This allows him to avoid information overload, and significantly reduces the time searching for information through loads of web pages and tech documents. By syncing the documents to cloud storage, it’s easy for him to access the documents at work across all devices.

Technical document notes
Organize key points from tech documents and tech news.

Hack #5: Record Import Information from Meetings

– Emily Lin / Marketing Manager

NoteLedge is a big help when attending tons of marketing meetings and seminars on a regular basis. To save time taking notes from the slideshow, you can take pictures of the slides or record audio notes to preserve important messages. Write down takeaways from the speaker, and highlight what matters on the slideshow. Concentrate only on the real deal and save the hassles transcribing notes from slideshows or whiteboards. After the meetings or seminars, you can export the notes as PDFs and share the knowledge with your team.

Meeting Notes
Add name tags to audio clips, and place them next to relevant information.

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Author: Emily Lin

Emily is the Product Manager of NoteLedge at Kdan Mobile. Majored in Mass Communication at Boston University, she has a strong passion for new media, web design, and digital marketing. She's a huge sports fan and enjoys exploring the world.