Video Marketing - Strategies to Build Brands and Market Your Product


Guideline to Marketing Videos

Video is gradually shaping consumers' behavior; therefore, video editing skills are a must for marketers. The basic guideline for any marketer is to make sure the message strikes a chord with the right audience — it's not only about creativity but also about organizing ideas and planning through the content.

Guideline to Make Scripts

People love stories. Stories contain emotion through conflict and resolution; in turn, emotions change consumer behaviors. An effective marketing strategy is to explain the benefit of your product/service with a story and make sure to back it up with evidence!


  1. Be authentic.
  2. Give context to your viewers so they can easily understand and resonate with the story.
  3. Create a "hook" by drawing viewers in with a compelling or unique beginning.
  4. Suprise the viewer with a "twist."
  5. Make sure the project planning is realistic. List out the budget and effort before the video production."

How to Market Your Products

Humans have a short attention span. Large and unorganized amounts of information can easily distract your audience from your message — cut the extra info and be concise with what is included in your video.


  1. Understand your users: their genders, ages, interests, and cultural backgrounds.
  2. In a video ad, focus only on one unique selling point at a time.
  3. Before shooting your video, ask a friend to review the scripts and see if they get the message you're trying to send.

Brand Management

The purpose of a branding video is to bring awareness to your brand. The content should reflect and be consistent with your brand persona.


  1. Understand your audience.
  2. Create a brand persona and brand voice.
  3. Set up a brand color palette. 4, Set up copywriting guidelines.
  4. In most cases, you should have your logo somewhere in the video."

Recommended Features in Write-on Video

Video Scripts

A script helps marketers present their ideas. In Write-on Video, you can create scripts with both text and graphics. Reviewing scripts is easy; you can share your projects with the team with Kdan Cloud or export the script into PDF. Write-on-Video-outline

Running Commentary

Use the comment feature in Write-on Video to highlight a part of the video. Tap "Comment" in the toolbar. Tap the "Comment" icon and enter your comment in the box. The commenters' profile picture will pop up on the timeline so the team can easily trace the comments. Write-on-video-comment

Watermark Logos

Import your logo on a layer. Adjust the length of the bar to change its duration. Write-on-video-logos


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