EdTech Idea - The Power of Video Storytelling in Learning


Using Video in the Classroom

There are several benefits to incorporate video storytelling as part of a school assignment. Video editing as a group work can help students develop valuable teamwork skills. It also requires students to exercise their creativity and perform communication skills.

Apply Digital Skills, Enhance Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the ability to use technology in communication and problem-solving. Just like the word "literacy" implies, digital literacy requires both technical and cognitive skills. Students should acquire the skills in distinguishing, digesting, and applying digital contents in a problem-solving process. In our digital age, fluent digital literacy is a must.

Enhance Digital Skills, Video Storytelling In-Class Activity Ideas

Here are some ideas for in-class activities and exercises for teachers to use Write-on Video in classes.

Image Storyboards

Use pictures and a few captions to present the storyline. This is a simple exercise for video storytelling.

The Glossary Game

Select several words as the key elements in the video story. Students can learn to reify abstract concepts and convey feelings.

Working with Locals, the Documentary

Making documentaries of local people and places allow students to observe the cultural landscape and sensitivity toward social issues. During the process, teachers can lead a discussion and encourage students to develop their points of view.

Recommended Features in Write-on Video

One-Shop Video Editor

Write-on Video is a great tool to boost students' creativity and communication skills. Students can plan the video outline, export storyboards, and edit videos in Write-on Video on their mobile phones and tablets. Write-on-video-edtech

Storyboard Made Simple

Write-on Video provides students with an easy way to visualize their stories. Even young children can create a storyboard easily with photos and simple drawings in Write-on Video.

Speak Out

Students can record a voiceover for their video in Write-on Video. The process requires students to organize information and polish their presentation skills. Write-on-video-edtech

Fun Stickers and Animated Captions

There are many animated stickers and captions in Write-on Video. Students can use stickers to decorate their videos and create funny video effects. Write-on-video-edtech


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