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What is KOL and Influencer Marketing?

Many YouTubers are receiving sponsorships from companies, and in return, YouTubers post reviews or discount information for their sponsors. This business model is increasingly popular. Unlike a celebrity, a key opinion leader (or KOL)/ influencer is more relevant to their audience and bringing in real-time marketing results.

Most KOLs start their career out of passion, and more and more people are starting to take it as a serious career. With the help of social media, building personal brands is much more accessible and approachable. We have listed the video specs for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtuber, and briefly introduce the strength of each platform.

What are the Specs and Ideal Length for a Facebook Video

For anyone who wants to establish their brand, Facebook offers a great database for you to reach a potential audience. However, due to its algorithm, it's getting harder and harder to gain organic traffic.

The ideal sizes for Facebook video: 1280x720 px Aspect ratio supported 16:9, 1.9:1 Length: no more than 240 minutes, under 4GB

What are the Specs and Ideal Length for an Instagram Video

Instagram was acquired by Facebook as a mainstream photosharing platform. Instagram is ideal for brand impression but challenging for getting long-term engagement. Instagram launched Instagram Shop that allows sellers to streamline social media ads and purchases.

The ideal sizes for Instagram video: 600x600 px; 600x315 px, 600x750 px Aspect ratio supported: 1:1, 1.9:1, 4:5 Length: no more than1 minute and under 4GB, but users can use IGTV to post longer videos."

What is the Spec and Ideal Length for a Youtube Video

There are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Youtube. This popular platform includes product reviews, tutorial videos, gaming, vlog, comedy, and unboxing videos. Youtube is definitely a platform for people to contribute their influence.

The ideal sizes for Youtube video: 426240px (240p), 640360px (360p), 854480px (480p), 1280720px (720p), 19201080px (1080p), 25601440px (1440p), 3840*2160px (2160p) Aspect ratio supported: 4:3 and 16:9 Length: under 12 hours, under 128GB

Enjoy What You are Doing

The competition between Youtubers is fierce; however, as many successful YouTubers state, the most important thing is to love what you are doing and maintain your passion. If you are on your way to building your own brand or just starting making video content, we hope that Write-on Video can be your helper.

Recommended Features in Write-on Video

Pods and Scripts

A well-structured story helps your viewers to understand the point of your video. Write a video outline before shooting your video. Use storytelling techniques to arouse viewers' curiosity. Write-on-video-brand

Video Aspect of Ratio

Each social media platform has its best-fit aspect ratio. Write-on Video supports the following aspect ratios: 1:1 16:9 9:16 4:3 4:5 3:4 2:3 " Write-on-video-brand

Video Resolution

Write-on Video supports low resolution (720x480), medium resolution (1080x720), and high resolution (1620x1080) with different FPS from 24-60. A higher resolution is not always the best option; choose what is best for your purpose and your device. Write-on-video-brand


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