Write-on Video User Story: Vlog your Colorful Life like Bella

Write-on Video is now 2 years old! As the latest product of Kdan’s Creativity 365 App Series, Write-on Video has grown from a basic video caption tool into a popular professional video editor! Such a tremendous leap was the direct result of you and our other amazing users sharing interesting videos and constructive feedback on the app. Through all of you we have been able to learn about the variety of creative approaches to video editing, and thus continuously improve the app to suit your needs.

To celebrate Write-on Video’s anniversary, we are putting the spotlight on one of those amazing users, vlogger Bella Lou. Bella uses Write-on Video to record her daily life and work. By sharing her experiences, we hope to inspire your use of the app and highlight its features, while allowing you to know about Bella and her passionate life.

About Bella Lou

Bella's Pic

Bella is an energetic woman from Macau, who works full time as a jewelry sales assistant, but is better known publicly by her part-time modeling career. She has been offered many jobs with international photographers, which brought her to many places around the world. She enjoys her life where hobby and making a living coexist in a pleasant harmony, and thus began to record her memories and experiences through a blog-styled diary.

Meeting Write-on Video for the first time

Like many bloggers, Bella began her recording in ordinary text and photo formats, until she realized that photos insufficiently demonstrate the production process and the depth to convey any behind-the-scene messages. So she moved on to video-blogging (vlogging), incorporating different clipping techniques and visual effects. She finds these finished videos more pleasing and attractive to her target viewers.

Adding captions is one of the most used functions in video production, yet it could be the most time consuming task without a well thought-through editing software. Bella faced this problem in her early days of vlog production and was constantly looking for an efficient method to insert captions in her videos. Then she encountered Write-on Video on Google that offered easy solutions to caption insertion and a range of transition effects as well as other video editing tools. The clean and friendly user-interface drew her attention, and Write-on Video soon became Bella’s go-to video editing app.

“The Video Trimmer function is my best assistant!”

Bella likes to share short clips of her kitten. But unlike shooting sceneries or people, animals are especially difficult to capture due to their unexpected movements and lighting conditions. It is not unusual to take several shots to complete a desired sequence, which then leads to another challenge of reorganizing the shots into a story-telling sequence.

Bella uses Write-on Video’s Video Trimmer function to import multiple clips at once and cleverly clip out unwanted scenes. Then she adds captions and color grading effects to create a new and improved video that she can export. Bella loves that she can capture footages with the built-in camera, do all her editing on the go and instantly share with her social network all with her fingertips, without ever leaving the app.

Managing your social network with Write-on Video

Sharing content on social media is a huge part of Bella’s daily tasks. Amongst Facebook and Instagram, she focuses more on the former, as she found that the sorting and grouping functions on Facebook provide a tidier and more organized layout for her viewers. She can sort her threads by subject, location or date; and categorize her blog entries, photo-shoot albums and traveling posts into sub-categories.

Write-on Video offers an array of aspect ratio and resolution settings, which means Bella can quickly select the appropriate setting during video export for her desired social network. This provides the best viewing experience to her viewers while minimizing any incompatibility issue. Uploading videos in the social network’s recommended setting also mean less time between uploading and publishing, therefore Bella’s subscribers can receive her update quicker and interact with her instantly.

Bella's Facebook

Many thanks to Bella for sharing her experience, colorful life and valuable insights into how she uses Write-on Video!

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