Women in Tech: Unlocking the Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Women in tech 2023_international women's day

In order to reach sustainable growth, businesses must prioritize a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is a crucial component for the successful recruitment of top talent, which will in turn bolster a company’s future success.

Kdan Mobile is at the forefront of global mobile work, advocating for a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe in the power of collaboration and dialogue to break down barriers and create an environment that is welcoming and supportive of everyone. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone can be given an equal chance to succeed.

This year, we invited technology partners from all over the world to share their success stories and to encourage more female professionals, from software developer to digitize travel operator, to join the tech industry. We are committed to helping all genders realize their potential in the technology workplace.

Let’s meet the women in tech we’re honoring on this Women’s Day.

Yeonsu Kim, Chief Investment Officer of Kdan Mobile and CEO of Hancom Group

CEO of hancom group, Yeonsu Kim

Yeonsu Kim, our Chief Investment Officer at Kdan, has showcased vast experience in global software marketing. She has led two companies, the Korean-based office suite software developer, Hancom Group, and the leading Belgian PDF library,  iText Software, as CEO. Kim brings over 20 years of experience and a network of connections within the European and South Korean B2B markets to Kdan. 

Kim’s expertise is invaluable, from delivering insights about software development in Europe to sharing her extensive knowledge of the potential opportunities in South Korea. Kim’s experience abroad and managing foreign companies has also shaped her management style. She sums up her own style as pragmatic and to the point. Her executives described her as an entrepreneur who stresses the importance of overcoming challenges, having freedom, making quick decisions, and showing personal responsibility. Kim plans to foresee the potential market growth of the collaboration between Hancom Group and Kdan Mobile.

Yeonsu Kim not only continuously works to push the SaaS industry forward, but she encourages the industry to build a more diverse and equitable working environment due to the small number of women working in software fields. 

Alexandra Ambrocio, Digital Marketing Account Director of Brafton

Digital Marketing Account Director, Alexandra Ambrocio

Meet Alexandra, the Digital Marketing Account Director at Brafton, an international digital marketing agency. Her impressive leadership and organizational skills are put to work at Kdan Mobile, where she expertly manages the content needs of various products and advises on diverse content strategies for different target markets. Despite the complex reality of time differences within a global organization, Alexandra excels in uniting the Brafton Australia team in Hong Kong.

Alexandra knows that becoming a trusted advisor and increasing industry expertise is critical to her role, and she continuously celebrates her successes in this area. She takes pride in the marketing strategies she influences, knowing that her contributions directly impact a company’s growth. Alexandra is confident in her recommendations, which are backed by data and the latest insights.

But it’s not all about work for Alexandra. She finds great satisfaction in the relationships she builds with colleagues and clients alike and encourages everyone to continuously build a team culture with open and inclusive communication, where everyone can continuously learn from one another’s unique ideas, perspectives, and working methods. 

Jasmine Lin, Chief Executive Officer, rezio, KKday Group

Jasmine is a passionate pioneer in the software industry with numerous operational experiences in tech startups. After joining KKday in 2019, she built a team from scratch and launched a SaaS B2B product, “rezio,” a mobile booking solution for tours and activities that aims to digitize travel operators. 

Lin attributes three key factors that allowed Rezio to gain key customers worldwide, despite the pandemic: being open to change, building a dependable local team, and valuing customer feedback. She shares that the most important thing is the ability to flexibly adjust the working structure according to the organizational goals. The team model is also important to help teammates develop a shared capability to face challenges, as well as to improve focus in achieving common goals and localizing operations when faced with different markets. Additionally, it is vital to have a quick response mechanism for operational issues and market development needs. 

Jasmine has a sharp eye for targeting market opportunities, paired with a hands-on attitude. She believes in achieving success through trial and error. Jasmine credits her success to her openness to change, flexibility in adapting, as well as a shared capability to face challenges. These factors also help her maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes open-mindedness. Jasmine’s ultimate goal is to create global leading software made in Taiwan with her team!

India Thakar, Global Marketing Specialist of Kdan Mobile

Global Marketing Specialist of Kdan Mobile, India Thakar

India is relatively new in her career, having earned her undergraduate degree just last year. However, she is quickly approaching her first year of working at Kdan Mobile as a Global Marketing Specialist. Over the past year in this role, India has had tremendous opportunities to create greater value in the company. She has played a main role in a number of Kdan’s digital marketing campaigns in the U.S. market. She has contributed to Kdan by writing blogs and press releases, as well as curating content for social media. Additionally, she has worked within Kdan’s business development teams to frame marketing communications and grow B2B collaborations. 

India’s most valued experiences so far in her role include expanding the company’s brand image and reach by working alongside her team at conferences. Not only are these events enjoyable, but experiences like these also provide her with a wealth of valuable learning opportunities. Above all, however, India appreciates working in an environment that supports her growth in diverse and inclusive ways. Kdan Mobile is a place where she feels equally heard and valued.

India’s success is rooted in her strong values of commitment, self-control, and originality. These beliefs are reflected in her work, allowing her to develop creative solutions and attain her desired goals.

The World Wide Effort to Inspire More Women to Explore Tech Professions

At Kdan Mobile, we’re proud to have women like Yeonsu Kim, Alexandra Ambrosio, Jasmine Lin, and India Thakar as leaders, employees, and partners. They’re at the forefront of promoting a more inclusive work environment, and they’re leading by example.

These women understand that building a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace requires a collective effort from management and the team. They embody a flexible, open-minded, and adaptive mindset that’s ingrained in every aspect of our work culture. Their dedication and hard work are making a real difference in achieving our business goals.

We believe that by sharing the success stories of these women and others like them, we can inspire more women to join us and make their mark in the tech industry. At Kdan Mobile, we’re committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout our business, and we’re proud of the women who are leading the charge.

👉Learn more about our commitment to DEI and our business culture here.