Three Apps That Will Make You More Efficient in 2014

Around this time of year, there’s a good chance that a recent overdose of turkey and booze has left you feeling a bit sluggish. Time to snap out of it! While your coworkers dwell in post-holiday malaise, step up your game and set yourself apart with the help of Kdan Mobile’s tools. Below we introduce three apps that enhance connectivity, mobility and data integration. These apps will inject a shot of efficiency into your work life, and impress the boss and colleagues with your technological savvy.

icon_doc plus

Doc Plus – Word Processor for Microsoft Word & OpenOffice Edition

Does typing and editing a Word document from your iPad sound like a hassle to you? It does to us, and that is exactly why Kdan created Doc Plus. Doc Plus is the most convenient way to create Word documents on your iPad. Leave your laptop behind and use your iPad to jot down meeting minutes on the go. Export the file as a Word document and share it with colleagues via email or Airdrop. This app’s user interface is a true work of art—with a few swipes of your fingers, all of the most important document editing features of Microsoft Word are at your disposal. You can also enrich your documents by inserting pictures from your device’s photo library.

Doc Plus

icon_paper spiral


If your job is in any way creative, you probably have to sketch out concepts to bounce off your colleagues. However, we don’t always have a sketchpad with us when inspiration strikes, and it is easy to lose track of our doodles. This is where Paper Spiral comes in. Paper Spiral provides an endless digital scroll of paper for you to sketch and develop your ideas as they come. Once you’ve sketched out an important concept, use the crop feature to export a portion of the scroll to share with your colleagues. Paper Spiral is one of the best tools for creative collaboration on the market this year.

Paper Spiral



Evernote is a great app for taking notes on the job, but it is easy for our Evernotes to get out of hand. If your notes aren’t organized and easily accessible, then why bother writing them? EleEditor is Kdan’s solution to this problem. Import your Evernotes to EleEditor where you can integrate and reorganize them into a neat, personalized file. You can then export your notes as a PDF or back to Evernote. Don’t forget that EleEditor is also a stand-alone note-taking tool. Import text and pictures from your device or the built-in web browser and create new sets of notes from scratch. When you find yourself lost in data from multiple sources and devices, EleEditor is the ideal tool to help you integrate data and stay organized.


To add value to your company and progress your career, you’ve got to keep on top of the latest technology. Kdan’s got you covered. Upgrade your work habits with these cutting-edge apps, and make 2014 your most efficient year ever!