The New Kdan PDF Reader App is Tailored to Your Default PDF Editor on Windows PC

Have you try PDF Reader? This is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, and now, we are pleased to announce a major update to PDF Reader that completely reimagines our PDF application on Windows desktop!

PDF Reader, the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, has enabled millions of people to work more efficiently with PDFs. As our community grows, so does our platform. That’s why we are pleased to announce a major update to PDF Reader that completely reimagines our PDF application on Windows desktop. In addition to a file manager for the Windows desktop application, the new version of the app allows you to view, edit, convert, and sign PDF documents right on your Windows PC without carrying piles of paper documents around.

The Redesigned Editor App for Adobe Acrobat PDFs

Kdan’s PDF Reader has reached more than 100 million downloads worldwide over the last ten years. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows, making our platform accessible on various devices.

The PDF team continues to optimize the reading engine to provide Windows users like you with the best PDF viewing experience. With the new update, the PDF editing performance is enhanced on devices running Windows 11.

Best PDF viewing and editing experience with PDF Reader

All PDF Tools You Need in One Place

For simplicity and accessibility, we rearranged the menu bar. All the essential editing tools were categorized into 6 main sections, including Annotation, Edit, Page Edit, Convert, Security, and More Actions.

The menu bar makes it easier for you to find the PDF tools you need. In each section, we put all the relevant tools together to make PDF editing more efficient and intuitive. When using the editing tools, you will see the property pane on the right to adjust settings directly.

 Access All Annotation Tools, One Click Away

When viewing a PDF, you can find a number of the editing options at a glance in the new top menu bar. You can select how you want to edit the PDF by clicking on the “Annotation” icon. After choosing that, you will be presented with several annotation features, including sticky note, highlight, underline, shape, strikeout, text box, and stamp tools.

You can turn the tool on and off by clicking on it, which allows for a smoother user experience that makes it easy for anyone to use our app. The process is similar to how you use the PDF Reader mobile app. Simply tap on the icon to activate the feature, and click on the tool again to turn it off.

To highlight a phrase or sentence, click on the highlight tool, and then drag your cursor over the text to highlight PDF contents. You can turn off the highlighter by clicking the icon again.

Highlight a phrase or sentence on PDF files

Take Advantage of Advanced Features on a Desktop or Tablet Mode

Convert PDF Files From and to Various File Types

PDF Reader provides a converter that lets you change your PDF files to Microsoft Office documents. By using the cloud converter, you can easily access the output files from your mobile devices, Mac, or Windows PC. The new version supports the following conversions: PDF to Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), text (TXT, RTF), HTML, E-book(ePub, AZW3, MOBI), and image (PNG).

Convert Image File to Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents

PDFs provide better security than image files. As image files can easily be modified, sharing documents in PDF format can prevent your work from being stolen, modified, or misused. For additional document protection, PDF Reader makes converting image files into PDF format an easy process when sharing or printing documents. The app allows you to convert your images into separate PDF files or to combine them into one PDF file.

Sign and Write on a PDF Document Freely

PDF Reader integrates with Windows Ink Workspace, enabling you to interact with your Windows touch screen devices for digital writing. Windows Ink Workspace includes a digital ruler that you can use to neatly underline sentences on your PDF document or simply write in a straight line. If your Windows PC supports touch screens, you can create handwritten signatures directly from the trackpad or screen. With PDF Reader, you can sign PDF forms, agreements, and contracts.

Add a signature on PDF files with PDF Reader

Add Pages from Images and Another PDF to Existing PDF File

There comes a time when you may have an existing PDF document that needs to include additional pages from another more recent file, which may be a PDF or an image. You can now add pages from another file to existing PDFs in PDF Reader. To do this, you can turn the PDF into thumbnails and click “Append File” from the top menu. Then, select a PDF or image (or multiple images) from Windows Explorer, and that selected file(s) will be merged with the existing PDF.

Append files with Kdan's PDF Reader

PDF Reader

  • Empower your mobile workforce
  • Edit, convert, and read PDF documents
  • Available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

Enhance your productivity now!


The All-in-One PDF Expert that Works Seamlessly Across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

PDF Reader supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms, making it easier to work with multiple operating systems. The mobile app for PDF Reader allows you to read PDF files while you’re on the move. If you need advanced PDF editing tools, you can sync the document to the cloud and use the PDF Reader Windows app to continue working on the desktop. PDF Reader gives you access to your important information and PDF files no matter what device you’re using.

Want More PDF Power? Try Our Document 365 Subscription Option

If you frequently use PDF Reader and want unlimited PDF editing across multiple devices and platforms, we offer a Document 365 subscription (USD $4.99/month, billed annually). In addition, we offer education discounts to students and faculty. The subscription service enables us to offer the best experience to you going forward. Learn more about Document 365 subscription plan.

Windows users will benefit from our PDF Reader’s ability to edit PDF documents more efficiently. Below are some questions you may have about PDF Reader for Windows desktop app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’ve downloaded PDF Reader for Windows. Is the new version a paid update?

No, those who already own PDF Reader on their Windows computers can update to the latest version for free.

2. Does the Windows app require a separate purchase if I already subscribe to Document 365 on the iOS or Android app?

No, PDF Reader for Windows is available free of charge from the Windows Store, and most people find it adequate for handling basic document needs.

Those with Document 365 subscriptions can access all advanced features across all versions of PDF Reader, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. If you are not yet a subscriber to Document 365, you can try it for free. Learn more here.

3. Do you provide a licensing version that enables installation without visiting Windows Store?

No, not yet. Currently, you need to download PDF Reader from the Windows Store. In response to inquiries from our loyal app users, we are still working on the licensing version and will keep you updated as soon as it becomes available.

4. How do I sync my files across different versions of PDF Reader?

If you already have a Kdan ID, sign in using the PDF Reader app. After that, select the documents you wish to sync with Kdan Cloud. In the beginning, it may take some time for your documents to appear on other devices, depending on the number of files and your internet connection.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, PDF Reader ensures you have the best PDF experience possible on all your devices. We look forward to further improving PDF Reader’s capabilities so that it is even more useful and inspiring for you.

PDF Reader

Designed for the increasingly mobile workplace

Get Started

PDF Reader also provides developer tools so that you can integrate our PDF technology into your applications. To learn more, please visit our SDK page. You are welcome to share your comments and suggestions with us at [email protected] as you try PDF Reader and learn the latest features.

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