The Evolving Mobile World: MWCA 2018 Recap

Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) 2018: Imagine a Better Future delivered on its theme. It’s been more than a week since the event and my mind is still lost in the capabilities the future holds. One thing is clear; mobile is a fundamental part of everyone’s life and its presence will continuously grow and evolve to bring us a better tomorrow.

Modern technology may not be considered a living thing, but it’s still evolving, and at a much faster rate than you’d expect. As people demand more flexibility and efficiency in their lives, the demand for a more mobile lifestyle continues to grow. We’re increasing our use of mobile devices on the go, which accelerates technology’s evolution.

The mobile world is evolving to bring us more creative, efficient, flexible, safe, and meaningful lives.

Kdan had a remarkable time exploring this topic at MWCA 2018. Not only were we able to learn more about how the mobile world is evolving, but we were also able to share how we contribute to building a better tomorrow through interactions with amazing people from around the world. We’d like to share some of our observations and experiences from our MWCA trip with you.

Source: MWCA official website
Source: MWCA official website


When we have options that allow us to safely and efficiently achieve our wants and needs, we are able to live more meaningful lives. In between speaking with visitors at our booth, we were on the floor learning how others help people achieve this goal. We want to share some of the evolutions in technology we found most interesting:

Pix4D software incorporated with drone technology

Pix4D uses drones to capture imaging of an area or item in greater detail than humans can perceive on their own. Then the Pix4D software compiles all the images into 3D scenes that allow you to zoom in and view from any previously-impossible angle. This will make leaps in construction safety, crime scene investigation, and more.  

Your life in a bracelet

Smartt. band has designed bracelets that carry all of your data on them, including currency, protecting you from theft, and lightening your luggage. The devices have identity verification steps built into the process and have been a big hit at music festivals. The company is working on integrating them into everyday travel.

This one’s for all of us: wireless mobile charging

Wi-charge has designed wireless charging ports that are able to receive electricity from a wireless transmitter. Why trip over chords and fight over outlets at Starbucks when we can all just place our mobile devices on the wireless charging port built into the table?

Kdan Mobile’s Role In A Better Tomorrow: Work-Life Balance & The Mobile Office

As people continue to seek more efficient use of their time and create a healthy work-life balance, the need for mobile office solutions has become apparent. We have been building mobile software applications and online services that allow users to leverage their productivity and creativity for almost a decade, and have recently entered the business-to-business market. At MWCA 2018, we were able to increase our brand awareness in this market and demonstrate to businesses how Kdan’s mobile solutions can bring them a better tomorrow both in and out of the workplace (wherever it might be).


What good are an attractive booth, live demos, and sneak peek if you don’t have anyone there to see them? With nearly 1,000 exhibitors vying for attendees’ time and attention, we had to do something to set ourselves apart and spark interest. While, a smile goes a long way, a smile, and some “swag” goes even further.


Fun Fact: We saw someone wearing one of our t-shirts in our Airbnb apartment building.

While our swag allowed us to start some fun and interesting conversations, it was ultimately the enticing possibilities of our solutions that made our booth a must-visit. Some key personnel even stopped by to inquire about them. Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri from the Digital Kids & Parenting News Panel stopped by to see how the multimedia solutions offered through Animation Desk and Write-on Video could help kids get creative.

04WC and Tour

Visitors were also very intrigued by our revenue model and delightfully surprised by the affordability of our business volume purchase program. They were also excited to learn that the training cost for our volume purchase program is completely free!


Not at Kdan–we always find time for fun! Wei-Chung Wang, our Vice-President of Global Marketing & Strategy and L.A. local, recommended some must-sees and must-eats for our team.   

We basked in the air at Santa Monica Pier, enjoyed the view at Venice Beach ?, and took in the sights at Pasadena. And we were well-fed, eating from the In-N-Out secret menu, 4-by-4 protein style and fries well done, Korean BBQ at Mansoo, and Hat Nachos at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on MWCA and suggestions for what to see and eat in L.A. during our next visit. Help us plan next year’s trip by sharing your ideas in the comment section below.