Don’t Be Intimidated: Beginners can express their creativity

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With an app like Animation Desk, there are so many ways to express your creativity. While this brings up so many opportunities to explore your creative ideas, it can be overwhelming for people that are new to animating. Whether you are improving your art and want to get the most out of your animations, or are brand new and want to express your creativity to the fullest, here are some tips you can use for Animation Desk: Continue reading “Don’t Be Intimidated: Beginners can express their creativity”

Kdan Creates A New Home For Our Headquarters

Kdan Mobile has created a new home! After months of hard work and planning, the Kdan team has moved into their new office. Not only does this new office have more space and rooms to work with, but the design has been set up to allow each employee to work more efficiently. In only the first couple of days of this office, we have already seen a major improvement in the productivity level within the teams and individual workers. Continue reading “Kdan Creates A New Home For Our Headquarters”

Choose the Best Alternative to Adobe: Finding the PDF Solution that Meets Your Needs Across Device, Platform, and Doesn’t Break the Bank

The business world was changed forever in 1993 when Adobe first developed the PDF format. PDF format allows individuals and businesses to create documents that cannot be edited, making it possible to share files on different devices and platforms without worrying about content or layout changes. They also preserve annotations and comments made on documents while securing private or confidential information.

12345 Continue reading “Choose the Best Alternative to Adobe: Finding the PDF Solution that Meets Your Needs Across Device, Platform, and Doesn’t Break the Bank”


From November 15-17, the Kdan Mobile team attended Meet Taipei 2018, an event where we got to interact with hundreds of different startup organizations.

Throughout the whole event, which was held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, our team was introduced to incredible people and their dreams, and enjoyed great food and live music as a bonus! Continue reading “MEET TAIPEI 2018: PEOPLE, PASSION, POTENTIAL”

Workplace Mobility | Chris & Joey Month 2

Heading into our 2nd month in Taiwan, Joey and I have really been able to embrace Kdan’s mission: build a Mobile Workplace for a better future. As our roles in the company become more established, we have been given business opportunities that allow us to travel around Asia. This month, Joey and I traveled across the island to visit the Kdan office in Taipei and take a day trip to Hong Kong while getting as much work done as when we’re in our usual  office. We learned firsthand how important it is to have workplace mobility. Continue reading “Workplace Mobility | Chris & Joey Month 2”