Kdan Mobile Celebrates Intrapreneurs During National #EntrepreneurshipMonth

Throughout the month of November, we have been recognizing the determined entrepreneurs in the world who are working to grow their companies. Being a relatively young company, we remember and celebrate that mentality. Another way Kdan celebrates the entrepreneurial mindset and drive is by hiring entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs inside the company–or intrapreneurs, as they are commonly referred to–bring new perspectives to the company and help us recognize new opportunities. Both Chris Heron and Joey DiGangi are two examples of intrapreneurs working at Kdan. They each started their own companies in the United States while at Juniata College, and continue to run them while working with us in Taiwan.

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Introducing a New Way for Startups to Manage Documents

November 1st marks the beginning of National Entrepreneurship Month, and Kdan is celebrating in a big way! We were a startup just nine years ago and recognize the need for effective document management, so we decided to launch Document 365 Startup.

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