How to Create a Video Section on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting services on the internet, and most likely the most famous of all the video sharing sites. But, what does it offer for the marketers out there? YouTube has many functions for creators and marketers alike to play around with and optimize. The algorithm can be easily maneuvered if you have the right skills! 

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Make Your Video Go Viral

Learn about the secret algorithms behind every viral video and the popular video editing techniques that are used across the internet.

There are certain video-editing techniques that should be on everyone’s radar. This is true whether you’re seeking fame and fortune, or simply a “LOL” from a friend.

So, what makes a video go viral in the first place? Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s trend manager, describes some of the characteristics of videos that make content creators famous. He suggests a few different things based on the data, but one that we can’t overlook is the importance of evoking a sense of belonging from the viewer.

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How It’s Done: Brand Development on Social Media

It’s no question that in today’s business world, having active social media accounts is more than just a way to chat with users. It’s become a necessary form of spreading information with which you can develop your brand and turn your followers into paying customers. By focusing on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, you can build your brand awareness better than ever.

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