The Best Technique award for iAniMagic Animation Contest 2017 has been awarded to Yingzi Zhuo for her impressive animation, Door, which depicts the difficulties we encounter door-after-door throughout life. Zhuo is an enthusiastic student from Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design at Fuzhou University, China, with a strong passion for animation. Her attentiveness to detail is shown in her award-winning piece, which has led to her well-deserved Best Technique award. Join us in discovering Zhuo’s method to success!

iAniMagic aniamtion contest winner interview 13


Influence & Inspire with Write-on Video for Mac: A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Video Editor

It’s no secret the world’s favored content of choice is video. With busy schedules and little time to spare people want to be quickly entertained and informed. And what better way to do this than with catchy videos?

Here at Kdan Mobile we started our journey in providing creative solutions on mobile devices but we did not forget the enhanced control one could leverage on a desktop. Write-on Video for Mac encompasses all the greatness in the mobile version plus more that only could be realized in a Mac. Continue reading “Influence & Inspire with Write-on Video for Mac: A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Video Editor”

Recap of iAniMagic2013

We are excited to announce the winners of the third annual iAniMagic competition! The iAniMagic competition allows users to create animated pieces using the app Animation Desk. In the past two years, the competition has drawn much attention from both amateur and professional animators. Riding on the expectation, we once again received a wide variety of brilliant animations from participants around the world this year.

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The New Era: Content is King – And We Need More Tools to Generate Content

The old “cash is king” maxim is outdated. Not that cash doesn’t serve us well anymore; it’s the way that generates cash has changed drastically in the internet era.

“What’s worth money these days?” You might ask. The answer lies in the old wisdom: the things people pay most attention to these days are generally the money source.   Examples? Instagram was worth $1 billion in 2012; Craigslist.com, which claimed to have over 50 billion monthly page views,  once received $32 million from eBay in its acquisition effort; Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users in the latest CNET coverage and was being valued at over $100 billion before their IPO… I could go on and on. Continue reading “The New Era: Content is King – And We Need More Tools to Generate Content”