Introducing Kdan PDF SDK

One of our main focuses has always been PDF Reader. With it, we accomplished impressive achievements. We noticed more and more users want to integrate our SDK with their own apps. So, we decided to take a meaningful step into this area.

Now, we introduce to you Kdan PDF SDK, a field-tested product that brings our technology to end users and businesses. We drew on our market’s experience and created a product with professional PDF functionalities.

Keep reading to learn about the features and use cases of Kdan PDF SDK.

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2018 in Review: A Year of Growth

2018 has been a historic year for Kdan Mobile, filled with growth and adventure. Reaching several milestones, we have added new product features and apps, and our team has grown in terms of size and locations. We are so excited to share how our vision for creating a mobile workplace has reached so many people and is continuing to grow and change the way individuals and businesses leverage their productivity. Continue reading “2018 in Review: A Year of Growth”