Animation Desk Now Supports NFT Minting and Listing

The NFT Feature in Animation Desk Android

Hear ye! Hear ye! This is just in! The new NFT feature is now live in Animation Desk for Android. What does that mean for you? Artists of all levels will be able to protect their art ownership and monetize their NFTs right in Animation Desk.

Try out the new NFT feature by downloading Animation Desk Android from the Google Play Store now and updating the app to the latest version. Keep reading to find out how to create and sell your animation NFTs!

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What is NFT Art? How Does it Work?

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token meaning a portion code cannot be copied or changed whether in part or whole. Many artists appreciate NFTs because they are a secure way to safeguard ownership. It’s similar to your fingerprints which cannot be changed and they indisputably belong to you.

NFTs are relevant to digital assets. A digital asset is a non-physical valuable thing. Photos stored in the cloud or the bitcoin saved up in a bank are some examples of digital assets. You can’t hold them in your hands, but you can have them in your possession.

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