Recap of iAniMagic2013

We are excited to announce the winners of the third annual iAniMagic competition! The iAniMagic competition allows users to create animated pieces using the app Animation Desk. In the past two years, the competition has drawn much attention from both amateur and professional animators. Riding on the expectation, we once again received a wide variety of brilliant animations from participants around the world this year.

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Rotoscoping In Animation: The Secret Weapon Of Animators

Have you ever watched an animated movie and wondered how the characters move so realistically? The answer lies in a technique called rotoscoping.

Rotoscoping is a method used in animation and filmmaking to trace live-action footage frame by frame. It has been used for over a century to create mesmerizing animations that blur the line between reality and imagination.

Rotoscoping is a complex technique that requires skill and patience. It is used to create stunning visual effects and realistic movements in animation and film. In this article, we will explore the history, process, and applications of rotoscoping, and how it has revolutionized the world of animation and filmmaking.

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