Kdan’s 10th Anniversary | Improving the World Outside the Office

Kdan’s 10th anniversary celebration is based around the idea of working to positively impact the world over the next decade. One way we’re doing this by planting trees to physically represent our dedication to improving the environment. This tree planting ceremony took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a city just outside of our company’s headquarters.

“We have demonstrated our commitment to better the world with our service offerings and we plan to continue forging forward,” explained Kenny Su, Kdan’s founder and CEO. “Looking ahead, Kdan will be a business that takes on social responsibility. I am glad we symbolize that endeavor as part of our milestone celebration.”0426_190427_0038 Continue reading “Kdan’s 10th Anniversary | Improving the World Outside the Office”

Looking Ahead: Preparing to Make the Next Ten Years Even More Creative than the Last

Kdan is celebrating ten years of creativity! In 2009, Kdan started on a kitchen table with our flagship app, PDF Reader. In the past ten years, through teamwork and growing our community, we’ve transformed into a global SaaS company with offices in Taiwan, China, and the U.S., introduced numerous productivity solutions, and planning to release another ground breaking service by the middle of 2019!
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Kdan Mobile’s 10th Anniversary Time Capsule

Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. is celebrating its 10th anniversary! This is a huge milestone for any company, and is really humbling to look back on this decade and see all of the great things that we have accomplished. Since 2009, we have established five different offices across the globe, supported users in 167 different countries, and our apps have accumulated over 150 Million downloads! Continue reading “Kdan Mobile’s 10th Anniversary Time Capsule”