Improve Your Daily Microlearning on Podcast & YouTube with Inspod

Join the microlearning trend to make your day more productive. Our new product, Inspod, can improve your learning experience on podcasts and YouTube.

Modern learning is tough. Many learners struggle to manage their time and focus on tasks due to a shorter attention span. According to a 2015 Microsoft study, the average attention span of a human dropped from 8 seconds to 12 seconds in 2000. That’s even less than a common household pet, the goldfish, which can focus for 9 seconds!

Microlearning, or learning from small chunks of content at a time, has become popular. It’s all about getting short bursts of learning in, usually with simple and narrow topics. People can learn quickly on their own time and learn with microlearning segments, which are easily accessible on mobile devices. For example, YouTube videos and podcasts are common microlearning resources.

Our all-new product, Inspod, allows you to take notes while streaming Podcast episodes and YouTube videos. Join the microlearning trend by checking out how Inspod could help improve your digital and mobile microlearning experiences. Take notes on your favorite podcast and YouTube shows!

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How to Effectively Use Video in eLearning?

Have you ever try to learn with video but facing some situation which make your learning inefficiency? Here is a comprehensive guide on why and how to use video in eLearning:

eLearning has become one of the most effective study methods for people around the world thanks to the development of 4G and 5G internet over the past decade or so. 

The eLearning market surpassed $200 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% in the next six years (2020-2026). It’s a booming market that will define the future of work for people engaged in constant skill development.

The use of video in eLearning is at its peak. Almost every eLearning channel on the web leverages the power of video to spread knowledge. Udemy, a platform with online video courses, educates more than 7 million students  via videos!

Here is a comprehensive guide on why and how to use video in eLearning:

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