Fostering Self Expression and Creativity in Kids through Animation

Self-expression is the intrinsic way in which we express what it feels like to be human. 

It’s the avenue by which we communicate to ourselves and the world what we think, feel and believe. It helps us understand ourselves and the way in which we see the world better, but it’s not always pretty or productive. 

The absence of self-expression can lead to unhealthy outbursts. 

The world of self-expression can be hard to navigate for developing minds. It’s our job as adults to help them identify and try new methods of self-expression. Kids need to express themselves and find a healthy way to channel their creativity. 

Why not introduce them to the art of animation? Not only does animation teach focus, but it also helps them learn something new and fun in the process. 

Children see a huge benefit when they’re encouraged to engage in self-expression, according to Building Blocks for a Healthy Future. They possess higher self-confidence, individuality, problem-solving skills, and the ability to cope with their feelings. This ultimately leads to less stress and anxiety in the long term.  Continue reading “Fostering Self Expression and Creativity in Kids through Animation”

Words From an Aspiring Artist: Animation Desk User Story

Today, we are joined by Nick Sorrels, a self-taught artist from California with aspirations of becoming a professional. Nick uses Animation Desk, in addition to other programs, to refine his animation skills. Check out his interview to learn how these animation resources helped Nick teach himself to become an artist.

Hello Nick, thank you for taking time to join us for an interview. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

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