Sustainable Design: Kdan Mobile’s Product Philosophy

The future of environmental protection is digital-first, which is why Kdan’s product philosophy revolves around digital solutions such as Document 365, Creativity 365, and DottedSign that are designed to promote sustainable lifestyles and businesses.

Sustainability Design at Kdan Mobile


The future of environmental protection is digital-first, which is why Kdan’s product philosophy revolves around digital solutions such as Document 365, Creativity 365, and DottedSign that are designed to promote sustainable lifestyles and businesses.

We believe that the future of environmental protection is digital-first. A key element of Kdan Mobile’s product philosophy is designing digital solutions that promote greener lifestyles and businesses while enabling our customers to pursue more eco-friendly workspaces and operations. These include cutting down on paper, single-use plastics, and resources related to daily commutes, shipping, and postage. That’s why our package of product suites, including Document 365, Creativity 365, and DottedSign, are optimized to help propel organizations and individuals along the road toward low-carbon digital transformation. Our products are designed to work seamlessly alongside with ESG softwares, forming a comprehensive solution for organizations committed to sustainable design, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that align with their sustainability goals. In fact, with the help of its digital-first technologies, Kdan as an organization has a climate pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of the 2022 calendar year.

Document 365: Enabling A Paperless, Mobile Workplace

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At Kdan Mobile, digitalization illuminates the path to a green planet via its sustainable solutions.  That’s why we designed Document 365 to help cut down on paper use. Document 365 is a comprehensive, cross-device document solution aimed at improving remote productivity.

Remote and hybrid workers can boost your productivity with Kdan’s PDF Reader apps along with online converting and faxing services.

Document 365 can play a vital role in environmental sustainability and improving quality of life through facilitating access to:

  • Getting your work done on the go with the PDF Reader mobile app, packed with a complete set of tools to convert, edit, and sign PDFs.
  • Transform any paper documents into scanned files, then turn them into searchable PDFs or editable text files with the text recognition tool (OCR).
  • Converting files to or from PDF documents and sending faxes online which can be accessed from any device, any time, anywhere.
  • Syncing and accessing files from the desktop, mobile, and the Web.

With these functions, teammates can reduce their reliance on paper while collaborating on documents wherever they are, cutting down on commuting requirements. The various tools in the Document 365 suite also help to make digital transformation and hybrid work more seamless and accessible:

PDF Editing Software: Never print out a PDF again. Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader allows users to fill forms, sign, and mark up documents with advanced annotation functions such as highlighting and freehand writing. With over 100 million users, PDF Reader is one of the most popular tools for annotating and managing PDF files.

Scanning and Format Conversion: To meet sustainability targets, you’ll need an efficient system for turning physical documents into electronic ones, and for converting between different document formats. For users on the go, Pocket Scanner transforms your iPad or iPhone into a mobile scanner. Scan whatever comes your way and export them as PDF files.

Cloud service: Transitioning to cloud storage is one of the best ways to reduce paper usage and save on costly storage space. Cloud service allows users on multiple devices to synchronize documents and security in ensuring that your vital documents are safely stored online. Integrated with many of our award-winning apps, the Kdan Cloud allows users to easily store and sync materials. For those already using a different service, our leading apps such as PDF Reader are integrated with multiple clouds.

Equipping yourself with software for PDF management, scanning, format conversion, and cloud storage is a vital step towards your goal of enabling true paperless and remote work freedom.

PDF Reader

  • Empower your mobile workforce
  • Edit, convert, and read PDF documents
  • Available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

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Creativity 365: Content Creation without the Waste Creation

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For creative professionals and artists, Creativity 365 also aims to reduce our reliance on paper. Our Creativity 365 solution provides a diverse digital toolkit that encourages users to discover knowledge, unleash creativity and share with their communities. Anyone with remote mobile access or PC can use these solutions to generate content and make an impact on the community—anywhere in the world.

Kdan’s Creativity 365 solution is designed to make creating from home and anywhere else as easy and seamless as possible. The suite also transitions much of the creative workflow from paper to digital. This includes mood boarding, storyboarding, and design sketching while distributing and publishing content becomes much easier in digital formats. Creative 365’s intuitive design and robust tools can make the switch from paper and digital much more painless.

We’ve also created an end-to-end, cross-device content creation suite that features solutions such as Animation Desk, Write-on Video, NoteLedge, and Markup. Creativity 365 empowers you to create jaw-droppingly beautiful and professional content seamlessly – even on the go.

With a touch of creativity and drive, any business or individual can make working from home and paperless offices possible. What’s more, these solutions encourage a proactive approach to realize a green world for future generations.

Creativity 365

  • Build knowledge and collaborate
  • Create mood boards, animations & videos
  • Tell engaging stories

Create to impact. Digital solutions for creatives.

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DottedSign: Sign the Paperless Promise

As Kdan Mobile’s e-signature solution, DottedSign has helped drive a number of digitization efforts for companies looking to accelerate their paperless office initiatives. Along with Creativity 365 and Document 365, DottedSign is designed to deliver quick wins to all stakeholders while putting workforces on the path to full digital transformation.

We’ve already documented the impact of adopting e-signatures such as DottedSign on reducing paper, ink, and postage, as well as travel, shopping, and delivery. Yet businesses looking to reduce their paper use have long kept physical copies of legal paperwork as a matter of security. Digital signatures, however, now carry the same legal validity in most circumstances and legal jurisdictions. And DottedSign’s advantage over wet signatures is its enhanced security, integrating identity authentication, signature validation, digital certification, and document encryption, while digital audit trails ensure that every step is recorded from document creation to final signature.

The easy-to-use interface of DottedSign makes onboarding plans and progress quick and easy for first-timers. The service also incorporates local considerations. One client, Slasify, was able to use the stamp function integrated into the DottedSign service to serve its large volume of Asian clients.

Close Deals Faster

  • Collect signatures remotely
  • Traceable audit trail and OTP
  • Team management and reporting

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Driving a Digital-First, Low-Carbon Culture

For many stakeholders—including employees and shareholders—a sustainable company has become a central consideration. That’s why Kdan Mobile’s software solutions—including Document 365, Creativity 365, and DottedSign—have been engineered and designed to enable this digital-first, low-carbon corporate culture and lifestyle.

For companies planning to start or accelerate their green initiatives, one of the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to go paperless is through innovative cloud-based solutions such as these. Not only are they created to accelerate the progress toward paperless or paper-light offices, but they’re also made to ease the transition to remote work.

And we’re getting better by the day. Kdan Mobile continuously works to innovate and iterate on our products and solutions to further enable and unlock a low-carbon future for our users. Find out more about how our digital tools and services can assist you along your sustainable journey here.

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