Simplifying Medical School with PDF Reader – A User Story

A PDF Reader User Story by Mohammed Siddique

This user story features Mohammed Siddique, a budding doctor from the heart of Bengaluru City who writes about how he is simplifying medical school with PDF Reader. The following lines illustrate how Kdan PDF Reader has become an integral part of his daily life.

“This app has been a life changer for me! I spend at least 50-60hrs a week on this app. Just CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT this app.”

Mohammad Siddique is an aspiring doctor from Bengaluru, India. He’s pursuing MBBS at Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS, Bengaluru). He’s also an avid PDF Reader user because it helps him manage the workload faced by medical students.


The Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat and Explain Everything

“Kdan PDF Reader is my daily life!” Mohammed says. “It simplified so much for me.” 

He recalls the way it started having a positive impact right from the moment he added it to his workflow. “Initially, it started with me taking photos of my physical books and then marking them with an app called Explain Everything,” explains Siddique.  But soon he realized his workload would be simpler if his files were in PDF format. That’s when he discovered Kdan’s PDF Reader. “I was transitioning from the Explain Everything app to Kdan PDF Reader, and by the end of the year all my books were in digital format,” Mohammed mentioned that once he knew the potential of Kdan PDF Reader, he knew it was his long-term solution for the future. 


View and Edit Medical PDF Textbooks with PDF Reader

As a medical student, Mohammed finds himself doing loads of reading and uses PDF Reader to manage the high reading demand for his studies. PDF Reader offers features and tools to help, like audio reader (text to speech), tabbed reading (open documents as tabs), add hyperlinks (jump to the specific page or link to target URL), and insert images. 

Mohammed says that he is, “Vexed to select one,” as his sole favorite. “I think one feature is best just to realize later that the next is equally better.” Smart reading isn’t the only function that helps Mohammed be the best student he can be. Kdan PDF Reader’s efficient file management tools help too. “Most of the features are really amazing and futuristic – particularly split & merge,” he shared. “The speed of operations is fantastic.” PDF Reader also has folder management, which Mohammed says he uses a lot. 


Mohammed’s Personal Tips in Using PDF Reader

Mohammed also likes using freehand writing and regular sticky notes. He’ll use the signature tool to create and attach notes for future reference. 

“Signature tool (sticky notes) makes the background opaque so that it won’t interfere with the text already there on the ebook,” he explains.  He can instantly adjust the color and brush size to write on the signing pane and save all the handwritten notes in PDF’s signature library. 


Note: The personal tip is provided by Mohammed. PDF Reader’s signature tool doesn’t support background color yet, but the team has already add it to our future update plan!

Finding a reliable and affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat and Explain Everything has never been easier. PDF Reader is the best all-in-one document expert for viewing, editing, and converting PDFs on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices. If you enjoyed reading about Mohammed’s great experience using PDF Reader and are interested in learning more please visit our educational offerings. And if you have your own user story that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear about it! 

Thank you very much, Mohammed, for participating in our User Story project. We are so thankful to hear that our products are having such a great impact on your educational and professional career! We look forward to hearing more about simplifying medical school with PDF Reader!

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This post was edited by Joey DiGangi III