Say hello to the winners of 8th iAniMagic Contest!

Let’s start the new year with a bang by announcing the winners of 8th iAniMagic Contest – Animal Party! The award-winning animators certainly unleashed their creativity and imagination to make a big celebration for the animals! This year, we received an astonishing number of submissions – 277 animations – setting a new record high for this annual animation competition. The judges had a very difficult time deciding who to crown as the winners, as the quality of submissions this year was so high! 

We want to offer a huge round of applause to all of you for taking part, and a big shout out to South Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, Shu-Te University in Taiwan and Rangsit University in Thailand for their participation in this year’s competition!


Here are the grand winners of the 8th iAniMagic Contest. Let’s take a look at their work and the comments from our judges and Kdan Staff:

Golden Award – Cheers! by Otom

iAniMagic animation contest_Golden Cheers
“Really great! Solid imagery and fun narrative in this one” – Usman Riaz

Featuring the story of when a little rabbit waiter serves this special wine to the big beasts.

Silver Award- LoveParty by Suet Er Hee

iAniMagic animation contest_bronze love party
“Nice animation and design” – Isabel Bouttens

A story inspired by the animator’s dream of seeing fireflies since she was young.

It is about little ladybirds using all their efforts to carefully arrange a romantic party for fireflies.

Bronze Award – Gecko party by Маша Ст

iAniMagic animation contest_bronze Goeck
“Good performance and interesting story” – Ian Chung

A cool animation about little geckos having a party.

Student Golden Award – A Party Whale by Li Ting Yi, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

iAniMagic animation contest_Golden Party Whale

“Great transition and footage. The beginning and the end of the animation work together well” – Ian Chung

A short animation showing the circle of life for a whale: from birth to mating and giving birth to a new life.

Student Silver Award – Cryanimal by Lin Pei Yu, Shu-Te University, Taiwan

iAniMagic animation contest_silver Cryanimal
“Wow! Amazing morphing” – Usman Riaz

A beautiful piece showing animals and their emotions.

Student Bronze Award –  Do something fun with myself by myself  by Anawin Sawangsawai, Rangsit University, Thailand

The story is about a man who ate a sketchy worm, and then he saw himself turned into an owl.

iAniMagic animation contest_Bronze Fun
“Great style and concept” – Isabel Bouttens

iAniMagic animation contest_best art, technique, creativitity

Best Creativity – Untitled by Sarita Boonyawisa

A transformation of animations, turning into mermaids and having fun together.

“A very imaginative animation short! Awesome!” – Ian Chung

Best Aesthetic – Untitled by Sarita Anuntagul

A story featuring animals becoming food.

 “Nice style, love it!”– Isabel Bouttens

Best Technique –  Blue Soda Music – Jellyfish Declan DP and KODOM by Thanyapad Kalong

A magic soda that boosts your spirits. 

“Impressive drawing technique.” – Ian Chung

ianimagic animation contest_audience choice

Audience Choice – Savhanna Party! By Pompom

The animation is inspired by the beginning of the Lion King, where all the animals are going to Simba’s birth ceremony. But in this animation, they are going to a party instead.

“Lovely animation.” – Isabel Bouttens

Audience Choice – Snow Fun❄️ by The Wolves

A human’s best friend plays in the snow. 

“Beautiful and sweet animation.” – Usman Riaz 

Audience Choice – CAT FIGHT – iAniMagic 2019 submission by NCR

Smooth fighting fight scenes between a cat and a dog!

Great action and effects” Ian Chung

iAniMagic animation contest_staff pick

Staff Pick – Jumping Rope Master by LeoARTnik

How to train your parrot, by combining real footage and animated drawings.

“We love this adorable short animation. The drawings and the real scenes merge perfectly. We also like other works from Leo.” – Kdan staff

Staff Pick – Party bloody fight for 2 (part 2) by manipadstudio

A fighting scene between Arborante the Centaur versus Reptilian.

“Really fun and nicely drawn. Solid work.”   – Usman Riaz 

 “We agree with the judge, the drawings are impressive. The author also makes good use of the tools in Animation Desk.” – Kdan staff

Staff Pick – Forest Creature by Eldon 

This is the story of how all of the creatures of the forest decided that it was time to kick the man who chops trees out once and for all.

“Love the story.” – Usman Riaz 

 “It’s never too late to protect the environment! We love the message behind this video.” – Kdan staff

WELL DONE again and BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of 8th iAniMagic Contest!

We had so much fun viewing all the submissions and thank you for taking part in this year’s contest. It’s always a joy, and so inspiring to see what the animators from around the world do with the theme, the story they want to tell, and the animation techniques they use! 

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