Design Research in Kdan Mobile

Good design is the key to any high quality app and services. At Kdan Mobile, we take broad design research approaches to create excellent user experience. In this series of posts, we will reveal the research tasks behind the app development process. We will explore topics that span from basic concepts of design research, research methods, and UX delivery.

Building Amazing User Experience

A positive user experience does not come naturally, it’s the result of long-term observation and careful research. Before going into the research methods, we break down the mobile app development process into 4 stages- Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

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iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Goes Live

Welcome to the sixth annual animation contest of Animation Desk, iAniMagic2016! The contest is now officially live! This year we invite you to create your very own, unique animation character and share the story with us. Between September 15 and November 16, you can submit your work and have the chance to win great prizes including iPad Pro, Wacom Intuos Pro and Apple TV! Continue reading “iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Goes Live”

NoteLedge User Story: Incorporating NoteLedge Into the Daily Life of an Educator, Author and a Mother

“NoteLedge is my constant companion for capturing ideas for decorating and writing … [it] has allowed me the freedom to be more of a fearless writer”.

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The Importance of Colors in Design

All successful business owners are aware of the impact of colors on the human mind. For example, shades of red actually encourages customers to make a purchase. Smart business owners therefore liberally use color psychology to attract customers, boost sales, and generate more revenue. Continue reading “The Importance of Colors in Design”

PDF Reader User Story- Bishwombhar Lamsal

PDF Reader helps me greatly in my work environment. It is like my integral friend.

In this edition of User Story, we have asked one of our PDF Reader users, Bishwombhar Lamsal, an Evolved Entrepreneur from Napal to share with us how this app has become an “integral friend” in his professional life. Continue reading “PDF Reader User Story- Bishwombhar Lamsal”