How to Merge PDF Files on Mac and Windows

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How to Merge PDFs on Mac and Windows

Managing multiple file formats at once can quickly become overwhelming and often leads to issues such as losing important PDF forms or individual files that may be needed later on. Instead, it is considerably more efficient to merge these multiple file formats and individual files into a single document. This allows you to store all the information in a unified format and makes it significantly easier to review moving forward without compromising the integrity of the original files.

Whether at work, home, or school, merging is an important tool to have at your disposal — ultimately saving you time and making better PDFs along the way. If you’ve been in pursuit of a PDF combiner tool that works for you, look no further than the PDF Reader from Kdan Mobile.

Read on to learn how the PDF Reader solution from Kdan Mobile is the perfect tools for merging multiple files, and how users ultimately benefit from a simplified process of managing merged PDF files.

Merging and Combining PDF Documents

Evolving technology and unprecedented worldwide events have accelerated our adoption of digital technologies by several years, per a report from McKinsey & Company — and solutions to merge PDF files with ease are no exception. 

Individuals of all ages, from students to working professionals, are expected to keep track of a substantial number of documents and files online — with these numbers anticipated to grow as the global digital transformation continues. Merging and combining PDF documents with a powerful tool is an effective strategy for any individual managing multiple files, including image files, to ensure:

  • Documents and files stay organized. 
  • Important pages, scans, images, or files don’t get lost along the way.
  • Easy access to necessary documents or files whenever needed. 

With the PDF Reader from Kdan Mobile, individuals can take advantage of digital solutions to streamline this process — helping any user feel like a PDF expert in no time. The PDF Reader helps users:

  • Simplify PDF pages by consolidating them into one central document.
  • Add attachments to contracts, agreements, and documents.
  • Compile receipts or lists of notes and assignments.
  • Keep users’ manuals together.
  • Store all your important documents in one easily accessible and organized single file.
  • Make reports like a pro.

PDF Reader

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How To Merge PDF Files with Help From Kdan Mobile

By merging multiple PDF documents, you can considerably reduce the risk of losing time or making mistakes. Whether you need one page or a whole binder full of files, the PDF Reader from Kdan Mobile was designed to help learners and users merge PDF documents with ease

Kdan’s PDF Reader is compatible with multiple operating systems, including:

  • Mac.
  • Windows.
  • iOS.
  • Android.

If you’re ready to take advantage of advanced PDF tools and streamline the process of merging PDF files online, here are the simple steps to keep in mind — for both Mac and Windows operating systems.


For Mac users, the PDF Reader Mac version provides 3 ways for you to easily access the PDF merger.

Access from Home Page:

  1. To start, switch to the home page and go to “Office Toolset” tab.
  2. Then, click on the “Merge PDFs” option.
  3. From your file manager, select two or more PDF files that you want to combine into a single PDF document.
  4. You can change the order of files by dragging them to their preferred spot and then pressing “Merge” to create your merged PDF. 
  5. Choose a destination folder to save the merged file. You can save your new file to the default PDF Reader folder or another one in your Finder.

Using Page Editor:

  1. Open an existing PDF document that you want to combine in PDF Reader.
  2. Click on the “Page Edit” icon on the top toolbar to view the PDF in thumbnails.
  3. Select the “Append File” option.
  4. Then click “Add Files” and add one or multiple PDF files to the current PDF.
  5. Select a page range and a location to append the file or pages. Then press “Append” to add selected files to the new PDF. 


When it comes to merging two or more PDFs in Windows, the PDF Reader Windows version enables you to combine files intuitively and easily.

Access from Home Page:

  1. Switch to the home page and go to “Office Toolset” tab.
  2. Click on the Merge PDFs option.
  3. You can select files either within PDF Reader or from a local folder. Keep in mind, merging two or more files is possible.
  4. You can change the order by dragging the PDF file to its desired location.
  5. Then press “Merge” to start creating your merged document. 

Using Page Editor: 

  1. Open the PDF document that you want to combine in PDF Reader.
  2. Click “Page Edit” on the top menu bar to view the PDF in thumbnails.
  3. Select the “Append File” option. After that, you can add pages from another PDF file or from images to the current PDF document. 
  4. If you choose to append a file from another PDF, you’ll have an option to select a page range and a location to append the file or pages. Then click “OK” to append a file to the PDF document. 
  5. The selected file or pages will be added to the current file’s PDF page to create your merged file.
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The Advantages of Improving Your Process for Merging PDF Files 

Leveraging digital solutions, such as the merge button, is an effective strategy for individuals to avoid the mess of too many documents and streamline the process of combining images, pages, scans, and files. These solutions to manage multiple files more effectively ultimately helps users: 

  • Improve organization with ease: Keeping tabs on all of the important documents in life can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with thousands of files. With a powerful PDF combiner like PDF Reader, users can easily keep it all together by merging multiple files into a large, bookmarked, searchable PDF. Individuals can stay digitally organized by adding entire files to mega PDF binders and using bookmarks, links, pictures, and perfectly preserved documents — so it’s always easy to find what’s needed, and users can rest assured they won’t lose anything they can’t afford to. 
  • Improve the academic experience: Learners are expected to keep up with multiple notes, assignments, and deadlines. Students can leverage the PDF Reader solution as a reliable tool to guarantee their notes and academic documents can be found in one place — while being easily readable and searchable. Users can also easily create collections of categorized documents and carry binders of bookmarked tabs and files while eliminating the bulk. With textbooks widely available in PDF forms, students can save precious time adding their notes in-line and merging them into one document.
  • Be more productive at work: Employees across industries are consistently balancing multiple tasks or projects at one time. Constantly managing multiple files can be time-consuming and inefficient — which hurts productivity and an organization’s bottom line. A total document management solution like PDF Reader will prove an effective online tool to conveniently and easily manage multiple documents, ensuring the creation of the perfect document and freeing up employees to improve their efficiency and productivity. 

Advanced Digital Solutions to Boost Productivity and Unleash Creativity 

With the PDF Reader from Kdan Mobile, you can benefit from more than just the streamlined merging features of documents. This PDF productivity solution is the one-stop shop for editing, merging, converting, and signing PDF documents — across devices and operating systems. Save time and stay organized while enjoying the peace of mind that you won’t lose valuable papers over time. 

Kdan Mobile provides users with a number of digital solutions that are designed to boost performance and promote creativity — from productivity tools like the PDF Reader to other efficiency solutions like Markup

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