Let’s Bring the File Management Concept to Mac


!!News!! Thank you all for your participation and contribution to PDF Reader Mac Edition. We’ve selected the lucky winners today! Please check your emails now! 😀 

“I need more than a PDF reader ever since PDF becomes mainstream.” Not sure if you share the same level of frustration with me; Mac’s Preview is not doing what I need it to do. Being able to view PDFs doesn’t satisfy me. The truth is I juggle with PDFs regularly. Though the good old saying “busy means prosperous” provides me with the assurance that I’ve been productive, I’ve always tried to avoid rummaging through my files to locate what I need. I then came to realize there are a lot of people who have the need for a good PDF management application. We have been longing to bring our success on iPhones and iPads to the Macintosh world. After all, our PDF Reader for iPhone, and iPad, and our top-of-the-line PDF Connoisseur (iPhone and iPad) have piled up a combined 10 million-plus downloads worldwide. But in our view, merely migrating what we have accomplished in the iOS lacks originality. Mac users deserve more. We envision a good file management system to have a smooth reading engine that can read large PDFs without lags, a comprehensive set of editing tools that can sign, annotate, and mark up PDF files, and most importantly, a system that manages the PDF archives. This is how our PDF Reader Mac edition came about. You don’t need another PDF viewer; the pre-installed Preview on your Mac already helps carry out simple reading tasks. But a simple search of “PDF” on the Mac App Store spits out 469 results, with most of them being just viewing or editing tools of some sort. What’s wrong with these developers? We have been eagerly waiting for a sensible developer to have that aha moment, seeing the market is calling for a “management system”, not another reader we don’t need. Not us. As simple as it may seem, our PDF file management system of tagging, bookmarking, and a built-in import folder saves you time and energy finding that one file you need when you’re in a rush. Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader is the first one that focuses on the file management aspect of the Mac market. With the tagging system, you can label files and name folders according to different uses. There’s more. We didn’t forget our strengths and your need to modify your PDFs. Kdan Mobile PDF Reader’s versatile annotation tools (including markups, sticky notes, shapes, typewriters, signatures, freehand writings, and page link/ hyperlink) and page editor enable you to do the tweaks you want with your PDFs. Sign contracts, switch pages in a report, highlight the important section, create page links or hyperlink website URLs…we took an all-inclusive approach. Our PDF Reader allows you to sync your files with iCloud among iDevices (iPhone,iPod Touch,iPad), email out attachments, and upload/import files through Dropbox. Being around long enough in the business, we know there is no end to fulfilling the insatiable need of our users. We are inviting you to leave a comment and like our Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/pdfreader), where we gather feedback and make our products better. Stay tuned and see how we keep making PDF Reader better for you!