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One of our main focuses has always been PDF Reader. With it, we accomplished impressive achievements. We noticed more and more users want to integrate our SDK with their own apps. So, we decided to take a meaningful step into this area.

Now, we introduce to you Kdan PDF SDK, a field-tested product that brings our technology to end users and businesses. We drew on our market’s experience and created a product with professional PDF functionalities.

Keep reading to learn about the features and use cases of Kdan PDF SDK.


Kdan PDF SDK is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.  It supports mainstream programming languages, including Objective-C (compatible with Swift), Java (compatible with Kotlin), and C#.

These are the fantastic features that come with Kdan PDF SDK:

  • Standard page display modes: This includes scrolling, double page, crop mode, and cover mode.
  • Navigation: Easy navigation with thumbnails, outlines, and bookmarks.
  • Create, edit and remove annotations: This includes notes, hyperlinks, and free text. The drawing tool allows you to create lines, squares, circles, and squiggles. It also features highlight, underline, strikeout, ink, and stamp.
  • Support for annotation appearances.
  • Supported form fields: Various fields include a push button, check box, radio button, text field, combo box, list box, and signature.
  • PDF manipulation: Manage each page using split pages, page extraction, and merging.
  • Page edit: Individual pages can be deleted, inserted, cropped, moved, rotated, replaced, and exchanged.
  • PDF encryption and decryption: Set permission and add password protection.

Learn more about our features and see how you can build a better product with PDF SDK.

Use Cases

Here are some key examples to give you an idea of how to get started with Kdan PDF SDK.

Creating Annotations

Oftentimes, you may find yourself reading something very interesting. You could make a note about it on a piece of paper but it’s far more convenient to just annotate your thoughts in the PDF itself.

With Kdan PDF SDK, you can use a wide variety of standard annotations, such as line, highlight, square, note, and so on. Each annotation type is added to the project in a similar way making editing and removing them a breeze. With the ability to modify the color and shape of your annotations, they’re easy to use in a way that suits your needs.




PDF Manipulation – Split or Merge PDF Pages

Sometimes you only need a few pages of a PDF. With our SDK, you can save the specific pages you want as a new document.

Kdan PDF SDK gives you the capability to put any pages into a blank document regardless of their order. You can also choose to split a PDF either evenly or by a certain number of pages creating multiple documents.




PDF Permission – Security

When distributing a PDF document to others, you might hope they are the only ones who can read and copy the document. You might also want to limit the number of other permissions. You can do just that with Kdan PDF SDK.

You have the ability to set two different passwords:

  • A permissions or owner password
  • An open or user password. 

When you set an owner password, you can configure specific permissions such as lock printing. This will ensure that only those with the password can print the PDF. All other functions not configured under the password will still be available.




Remember, the PDF specification defines specific permissions such as printing, copying, document changes, commenting, etc.

A New Chapter 

We’re turning a new page with Kdan PDF SDK as we continue to expand our range of features to improve our product in future iterations. Visit our blogs and changelogs for new releases.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with us! Your opinions help us satisfy your needs better.

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