Kdan Mobile’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Kdan Mobile is committed to rise to the challenge of today’s climate crisis with a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2022.

Kdan Mobile's commitment to environmental sustainability

Summary: Kdan Mobile is committed to rise to the challenge of today’s climate crisis with a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2022.

Our Mission

Environmental sustainability is the responsibility of businesses, individuals, and governments to conserve our natural resources and protect our ecological health. Part of this responsibility is about innovating new methods and strategies to reduce and minimize our environmental footprint without compromising on our modern way of life. It’s important to weigh the competing needs of human consumption and environment protection so that we can flourish as a people and keep our natural habitats safe and protected. In striking this delicate balance, Kdan has an important role—both in how we operate and the products we create.

Future generations will remember us for how we choose to respond to today’s global climate crisis. Kdan Mobile is determined to rise to the moment. Environmental sustainability is embedded into our mission—down to the way we develop, design, and optimize our products. We believe that working towards a sustainable future falls in line with our mission to empower professionals in unleashing their creativity and productivity.

To drive this commitment to the planet, our team leverages its full-service supply chain and uses the wide reach of the Kdan platform to raise awareness. As our business operations and sourcing practices also have an impact on the environment, we’re also continually working to minimize our carbon emissions. Our focus is on environmental improvements that lead to an eco-friendly future and societal and economic improvements in the communities in which we operate.

We’re committed to improving the quality of life in our communities. The current focus of Kdan Mobile’s sustainability goals are:

  • Actively working to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations;
  • Developing digital solutions that enhance productivity and unleash creativity while enabling a low-carbon lifestyle;
  • Engaging our employees, helping them realize their full potential;
  • Inspiring all our stakeholders to give, serve and grow.

Our Climate Pledge

Kdan Mobile’s mission of accelerating the global transition to environmental sustainability can’t be possible if our own activities are a net contributor of CO2 to the environment. That’s why we aim to minimize our impact on the planet and raise climate awareness across all aspects of our value chain around the world. This includes our operations, our product, and the ecosystem of the regions in which we operate. We’re also intent on investing in organizations that make a sustainable impact, all the while enabling our customers to achieve a paperless workflow.

What’s more, Kdan Mobile plans to announce a pledge to become carbon neutral by the end of the 2022 calendar year. We have already begun to reduce our energy consumption through the application of cloud-based solutions to our workflow which will cut down on commutes and travel while reducing emissions through operational efficiencies. Through our cloud-based collaborative work model, we plan to further decrease our overall business travel by approximately 60% this calendar year. To reduce commute and office footprint, we’ll allow employees to work remotely as befits their own schedule.

Finally, we will proactively engage and collaborate with green and eco-friendly companies in the course of our operations. This extends to our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. We have firm commitments with a number of organizations to take part in environmental advocacy initiatives and events to share our pledge and raise awareness.

Our Leadership

For us, green initiatives cannot exist in a corporate silo. That’s why our sustainable vision comes from the very top of our organization, and deeply affects the choices we make as a company.

The leader of our Environmental Sustainability Strategy is our Founder & CEO Kenny Su, who has worked in the past to embed environmental responsibility into every aspect of the company. Besides his focus on building brand awareness globally, Kenny and our management team continually assess the impact of their decisions on geographies, societies, and local communities in terms of waste generated and resources used. Kenny and our other spokespersons also use every opportunity to speak in public to advocate for the low-carbon benefits of digital transformation for enterprises, schools, and other organizations.

All members of Kdan’s leadership and management team below our CEO also have a crucial role to play in conveying our sustainability-infused brand promise to our stakeholders. They execute the CEO’s vision by encouraging staff to deliver presentations online and attend meetings remotely whenever possible. Our management all has a responsibility to sign contracts via e-signatures as much as possible and track their team’s progress through cloud solutions.

We at Kdan Mobile are dedicated to turning our promises into reality. Read more about how we’re accelerating our climate efforts and supporting businesses with our products.