Accelerating Climate Efforts: How Kdan Mobile Turns Sustainability Into Action

We are taking steps to protect the planet and serve the communities where we operate—from our climate pledge and our various ESG initiatives to the way in which we design products to integrate sustainability.

Kdan Mobile turns sustainability into action

Summary: Kdan Mobile is taking steps to protect the planet and serve the communities where we operate—from our climate pledge and our various ESG initiatives to the way in which we design products to integrate sustainability.

The planet is in crisis. Pollution, climate change, and loss of biodiversity are three challenges that need to be addressed to ensure a sustainable future. 

Kdan Mobile is determined to do our part in reducing and reversing the damage and creating a greener and better tomorrow for us and future generations. That’s why we have a climate pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of the 2022 calendar year while reducing business travel by at least 60% this year, with an eye to achieving future incremental reductions as our cloud-based collaborative processes develop and mature. 

Kdan also plans to drastically reduce our office footprint, starting this year by combining our two offices in Taipei into one centralized office in Q1.

Other initiatives we’ve implemented include:

  • Organizing a tree-planting event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kdan Mobile;
  • Observed Earth Hour on March 26, 2022, by turning off the lights across all our global offices during the lunch break.
  • Observed Earth Day on April 22, 2022, while raising awareness about our mission to provide paperless solutions on Kdan’s social media.
  • Strengthened and reinforced our recycling program at our offices.
  • Accelerated the integration of cloud platforms across all communications with staff and clients.
  • Planning events around World Environmental Day in June.

Solutions to Support Businesses Reach ESG Targets

We understand first-hand the impact of increasingly extreme weather events and rising sea levels—from storms in the Global North to flooding and droughts in the Global South. Business continuity has always been a priority for us, connecting billions of people and growing enterprises through Cloud-based technologies. Never has this been more evident than during the global Covid-19 pandemic, and our sustainable vision and design show how we are delivering greater resilience.

Kdan products such as DottedSign and PDF Reader support businesses and individuals in accelerating the paperless office and a hybrid work model. Creators can also reduce paper consumption and share their work remotely with the digital content creation tools in the Creativity 365 apps suite. And we’re continually working with our clients to ensure their digital transformation journey is seamless and frictionless.

We recognize that our company can positively impact resilience and decarbonization in sectors other than ours and across society. That is, we can lift much more than we weigh. We welcome the evidence of ambition and action that our sustainable design demonstrates, and we are looking forward to seeing exponential progress.

Wider CSR initiatives

We’ve invested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) by adopting environmentally sustainable work practices. Not only is this a great way to promote green awareness in our workplace, but it’s also part of a long-term employee engagement initiative. Some of our focuses include closing the interaction gap that online schooling brings to students and teachers alike, and striving to lend a helping hand to restore dwindling resources that are fast depleting in the race for economic growth. Our wider CSR initiatives have included:

  • Providing internship opportunities for students in local communities to acquire software development and digital marketing skills; and
  • Workshopping new ways to reduce carbon emissions in the process of product development.

We plan to accelerate our climate efforts in the years to come. Please stay tuned to this space to read more about our future climate change solutions and activities.