Introducing a New Way for Startups to Manage Documents

November 1st marks the beginning of National Entrepreneurship Month, and Kdan is celebrating in a big way! We were a startup just nine years ago and recognize the need for effective document management, so we decided to launch Document 365 Startup.

What is Document 365?

We offer an enterprise solution that gives larger companies the opportunity to purchase our software in volume. Document 365 includes our PDF Reader across all mobile and desktop platforms, and gives companies the ability to scan or convert documents into PDF format and add e-signatures, watermarks, annotations, and more. These documents are backed up on 1TB of secure Kdan Cloud storage (about 67x more than Google Drive) and can be accessed on any device or operating system.


What is Document 365 Startup?

Our volume plan has traditionally been reserved for purchases of 10 accounts or more, however, we understand that the need for document management software is not just limited to larger organizations or teams. That’s why we are launching Document 365 Startup, which gives qualifying startups/early-stage companies 30% off of each account (limit of nine per company). Startups will be able to take advantage of the volume purchase program (at a greater discount for the first three years) and use Document 365 to maximize productivity.

Who is Document 365 Startup for?

One of the most important things for hungry entrepreneurs to remember is that they need to get out of the building and talk to potential consumers to test their products, solutions, and more. This means conducting focus groups, building prototypes, offering trials, asking random people on the street questions–you know the drill. Document 365 gives you the freedom of workplace mobility because our solutions are designed with mobile devices in mind. You’ll love our easy-to-use interface and the convenience of having instant access to your team’s Cloud when you’re outperforming customer discovery.

We see the extra benefits for entrepreneurs who are looking to develop some type of intellectual property, as our solutions make it easier than ever to send, sign, and store NDAs or other types of confidential information.


How to get Document 365?

If you’re interested in seeing if your company qualifies for Document 365 Startup, fill out an application here–the application can be found at the bottom of the page. If you would like a trial of Document 365, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

Author: Joey DiGangi III

Joey DiGangi is a global marketing specialist with Kdan Mobile, located in the US office in Pennsylvania. He graduated in May 2018 from Juniata College with a degree in marketing management and a minor in communication.