iAniMagic 2017 Winner Announcement!

ianimagic winner announcement

Today is the day many of you have been waiting for! We are finally announcing the winner of iAniMagic 2017! A big thank you goes to you all who participated! We have received nearly 300 entries on AniZone and the competition was fierce! Besides winning the prizes and recognition, this year’s winning animations will be also played at the Fu Zheng Animation & Story Gallery in Taiwan!

iAniMagic Poster

 About iAniMagic

The iAniMagic  contest has been running for 7 consecutive years, and this year we have also opened up the competition to contestants in teams of up to five and they could use any software of their choice to create their animations. With this year’s theme as Future, our panel of judges from the professional arts and animation world selected the winners according to the story’s originality, fluency of animation and techniques used. Without further ado, here are the winners!

The Winners and their work

iAniMagic Winner-Ian-FUTURE

The Jury Award | Future by Ian Chung

This is an animation dedicated to all 2D animation fans and it celebrates the new possibilities imagination can bring. Imagination opens the door for human to get closer to the future.

Comment from the Judge: “Very colorful, can feel the vibes along the animation.”

iAniMagic Winner - Guang Tin - WANMAN

Best Art | WANAM by Guan Ting Chen

Comments from the judge: “Overall, a great work. I suggest the author to work more on details such as the characters’ movements.”

iAniMagic Winner - YZ - Door

Best Technique | Door by Yingzi Zhuo

Comment from the judge: “Simple but very impressive.”

iAniMagic Winner-meiling-durain

Best Script: The Great Durian by Mei Ling Chen

iAniMagic Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention | Pick Yourself Up by Aastalim

This smooth animation is about the girl’s future with all kinds of challenges and possibilities encountered at each stage.

Comment from the judge: “A very nice, cute film. Good job!”

HONORABLE MENTION | Misfortune by Beck Williams

Do you believe in fortunetellers? With a little black humor, this video shows a tautology of fate. Comment from the judge: “A good animation from every aspect, but I think the ending can be more dramatic.”

HONORABLE MENTION | The Big Bug Meal by Xing Lin

Comment from the judge: “A fluent animation with lively characters.”

Student Awards:

iAniMagic Winner - FALLBEM- improve

Best short animation | Improve oneself by FALLBEM
Animation Desk Special Awards:

ianimagic animation desk special award

Staff Pick

ianimagic staff pick

Congratulations to all the winners!

We will be in touch with you directly to arrange the collection of prizes.

And last but not least, a massive thank you to this year’s judges: Chen Bo Zun (Basil Chen), Gabe Swarr, Sun Gia Lung, Jose Zelaya, and Lyndon Ruddy!

What’s next on AniZone? 

To all the other participated contestants, thank you for your support! And fear not – there are many more opportunities coming up! In June, Animation Desk is hosting a mini animation contest so be prepared!

We are also offering sponsorship to animation festivals. Further information will be announced soon. So stay up to date with all the happenings by signing up on AniZone.

Featured Image: FUTURE/ Ian Chueng