How to Optimize Your E-Commerce Website with Content Creation – 8 Tips

Feeling your E-commerce website don’t meet your expectation? Here are some tips may help you optimize and increase impression!

Content marketing is one of the most important activities for businesses nowadays. Great blog content can bring leads and even optimize your conversion rate – which can increase your chances of getting driving sales.

There are more competitors in the e-commerce field every year, and that trend is expected to continue. It is estimated that up to 95% of all retail sales will be conducted online by the year 2024!

Considering you have already built your website on the best eCommerce platform suited as per your needs. But your competition is getting stronger, good content on your website is even more important for your business. So how do you succeed in the market? Check out 8 tips here!

Tip 1: Identify Your USP (Unique Sales Proposition) and Find Your Voice

The first step to create your content is to find your brand’s value and brand’s voice. Then try to maintain this voice on all the marketing channels you use.

It means that you have a certain image and core values that you want present in everything you share– whether it’s your blog, social media accounts, or emails. It’s also important to know what your USP is or your unique selling proposition. You need to identify how you’re different from competitors and double down on it. It might be your subscription model, your customer service support, or your products – whatever you think resonates most with your customers.

Tip 2: Find What’s Trending

You need to identify what’s popular at the moment so the content is enticing to your readers. One of the best tools to help you stay up to date is Google Trends. It tells you what’s trending in which country, how many searches that topic is getting, how much demand there is for a topic, and much more.

Tip 3: Provide Value in Your Content

Google values meaty content that’s reader-oriented. Gather statistics and find actionable content that will resonate with your readers. You need to know what readers are asking. You can use keyword discovery tools for this. Then write an article once you find what’s being asked and what the readers find interesting.

 Tip 4: Optimize Your Content for SEO

It goes without saying that SEO is crucial if you’re looking to create website content with high visibility. Here are some key elements of SEO:

  • Find the right keywords
  • Make sure the keywords have the right keyword density
  • Add meta descriptions to content
  • Add “call to action” buttons
  • Speed up your website
  • Optimize the content with paragraphs and subtitles
  • Best practice: optimize your content for HTML with title tags and other HTML tags

Once you get into the right mindset of optimizing your content for SEO, your website can be ranked higher on search engines and bring steady traffic continuously. As an added bonus, you can use a backlink tracker to evaluate the pages linking to your content and improve your link building strategy in general.

Tip 5: Test, Test, Test

You will need to use creativity to beat your competitors. Don’t

be afraid to try new things – even if it sounds very different or whacky. You can always test theories and change them later if you see it’s not working.

Testing is relatively easy with online content. Software testing company is relatively easy with online content. You can use A/B tests on your landing pages, sales pages, product descriptions, or blog posts.

Tip 6: Answer Questions Your Users are Asking

Having proactive customer service is important to have high customer satisfaction and receive positive comments on your service. There are some very common questions your users might be asking. If you don’t have steady website traffic yet, you can conduct user research or provide general information that most users ask, such as shipping and payment methods. To be prepared for all these things coming, consider hiring a website development company that will help get it done professionally. You can either:

  • Write blog posts about it and answer those questions
  • Create an FAQ section on your website where you answer your questions in one place
  • Build an eCommerce AI chatbot to answer repetitive questions and product recommendations

Tip 7: Diversify Your Content

Multimedia materials or infographics can make your contents more attractive.

Take videos as an example:  you can create a video showing how your product(s) work or how they can use your website to order items online. Write-on Video is one of the best video-editing softwares because it helps you plan video outlines and adjust videos with tools like auto-caption, transitions, and preset animation effects. Kdan’s Creativity 365 Suite includes content creation solutions that can be assisted with making social media, blog, and website materials.

Tip 8: Find Different Platforms to Promote Your Website

The last tip: use different platforms to create your brand voice.

Having an ecommerce website is not enough nowadays – you should use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you choose to start your store on online marketplace like Amazon, be careful with the rules, in order not to get your Amazon account suspended. You can also use podcast hosting platforms at the same time to optimize promotion. Podcasting is growing these days. It is an easy and effective way to connect and engage with your customers. E-commerce websites need a constant stream of content to stay on top of the competition. Remember: it’s not only about volume… it’s also about the quality of content.

This is a guest post written by Capturly.