Fostering Self Expression and Creativity in Kids through Animation

Self-expression is the intrinsic way in which we express what it feels like to be human. 

It’s the avenue by which we communicate to ourselves and the world what we think, feel and believe. It helps us understand ourselves and the way in which we see the world better, but it’s not always pretty or productive. 

The absence of self-expression can lead to unhealthy outbursts. 

The world of self-expression can be hard to navigate for developing minds. It’s our job as adults to help them identify and try new methods of self-expression. Kids need to express themselves and find a healthy way to channel their creativity. 

Why not introduce them to the art of animation? Not only does animation teach focus, but it also helps them learn something new and fun in the process. 

Children see a huge benefit when they’re encouraged to engage in self-expression, according to Building Blocks for a Healthy Future. They possess higher self-confidence, individuality, problem-solving skills, and the ability to cope with their feelings. This ultimately leads to less stress and anxiety in the long term. 

Consider Entering iAniMagic Animation Contest

iAniMagic is a refreshing animation contest for animators of all skill levels and from all corners of the world, making it a fun and easy way to encourage kids to practice healthy self-expression.

*This submission is closed now, but we host animation challenges and mini-contest on a regular-basis. Please download Animation Desk ( Apple, Android, Windows) and enable the app push notification to get the updates.


iAniMagic 2019 is a celebration of animals and animation. Just as animals can help us express ourselves and let our emotions out, animation can do the same! What better way to express oneself is there than with this double whammy: creating an animation about animals.

iAniMagic is the kind of contest that is not overly serious – the entries can be straightforward, funny, or promote a message such as “be kind to animals”. 

It’s a great way for participants to come together to celebrate animation and animals. The main rules for the contest are that projects must be created with Animation Desk, and the main characters need to be animals. Applicants can submit as many 15-30-second entries as they want with.


Allowing children to participate in something big and exciting like this international animation contest is great for self-development and motivation. They’ll be joining the ranks of young animators like Ocean, a 13-year old iAniMagic participant. Ocean has been animating for about two years. He loves making short, colorful animations. He says he has improved and learned a lot of new techniques over those two years, but he still finds himself learning something new with every animation he creates. 

Animation Desk for kids 01 Ocean
Ummm by Ocean
animation desk for kids Emily
Something’s Not Right by Emily


While this kind of contest is a great way to get kids interested in learning animation, it also helps them practice patience and the much-needed skill of adapting to and learning new software quickly. Animation Desk is intuitive and easy to pick up making it a great app for kids to learn animation. With Animation Desk’s intuitive layout, online tutorials, and built-in storyboard and frame manager they’ll be able to pick it up and be Animation Desk animating pros in no time. 

Animation Desk for kids 04 OceanSquash and Stretch With a Tomato, a Caterpillar, and Some Slime by Ocean


iAniMagic is for animators of all different ages and skillsets. It can be a bonding experience for the whole family. You can work alongside one another sharing tips and tricks you have learned while each creating your own animations to express your individuality. 


It’s a good way to get kids to develop a long-term interest in something. They will have enjoyed participating in the contest and will want to improve their skills for the following year’s contest. 


  • Download the free Animation Desk app: Apple, Android, Windows
  • Create your 15-30 second, animal-themed animation masterpiece on Animation Desk
  • Register for a free Kdan ID and upload your entry via Animation Desk
  • Add a description of your work to share your thoughts behind the piece
  • And hit Submit. 

Animation Desk Android_640x360

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination” – Henry David Thoreau