Organize Creative Projects with Your Digital Notebook

Product designs with a collection of images as reference

You know the importance of organizing your projects as a creative. NoteLedge is the perfect platform for you to take advantage of digital note-taking to streamline your creative projects. Let’s face it: your creativity might seem endless, but your project organization may be limited. Organization keeps you on track and motivates you to produce your best work. So, how can you use NoteLedge to make this happen?

Capture Inspiration and Organize Everything

Start by getting inspired! You can capture ideas anytime in various forms of media. Organize your notes with inspiration from different sources to create multimedia notes. For instance, you can take your own pictures, find images on the web to insert into your notes, or record audio and video files to capture your project in a new way. 


You can also collect content from web pages like Pinterest and use NoteLedge to easily add Pins with the web clipper tool. Manage the materials in the media folder and trace web sources with just a tap. All of these features let you organize everything in a way that makes sense to you. That way, you can manage your content instead of letting it control you. 

You can also create multiple notebooks to keep everything sorted and manage projects by topics. Each notebook can be organized by a different design concept, creative project, or client based on what works for you. Need some creative note-taking ideas to get started? Here’s a video of NoteLedge’s digital notebook. 

Create a Mood Board and Sketch Out Your Ideas

You’ll also want to find out what organization style works best for you! One way is to create a mood board. You can gather your ideas, materials, and other design elements that you have collected all in one easily-accessible place. You can make a mood board to visualize and connect your ideas. NoteLedge, your digital notepad, is equipped with powerful multimedia tools that let you sketch out ideas, visualize your thoughts, test different colors and style elements, and create your design. You can match the branding quality, elements, and color schemes to illustrate an aesthetic that’s on point with what you want to highlight in your work!

Present Your Work and Communicate with Ease

Finally, show your stuff! Whether it’s notes for research, brainstorming process for a creative project, or other content you produce – you can flaunt what you’ve created with NoteLedge. Make your own design portfolio. Propose your work to your clients with visual support. Communicate with your team and clients more efficiently. Whether you’re working from home, at the office, or out in the field, it’s easy to share your work with NoteLedge as your digital portfolio. So, what’s next?


Give NoteLedge a try! NoteLedge is available on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. The app allows you to work across devices with cloud services. Download NoteLedge for free to try it out for yourself![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]