Create PDFs on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

create pdf on iphone

In today’s digital age, PDF (portable document format) has become a standard document format used for sharing and storing information. With more people relying on their iPhones for work and personal tasks, it’s essential to learn how to create PDFs on the go. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create PDFs on your iPhone with ease, using built-in iOS features and third-party apps. Whether you need to create a document for work, save a webpage for offline reading, or simply want to archive important information, this guide has got you covered.

The first step to creating PDFs on your iPhone is to download a PDF reader app. There are several PDF reader apps available on the App Store, but we recommend the Kdan Mobile PDF Reader for its intuitive interface and extensive features.

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6 Simple Ways to Create PDF on iPhone

Once you’ve installed the Kdan PDF Reader, the next step is to choose the source of your PDF. You can create PDFs from various sources or create a blank PDF from scratch.

  1. From the Files App
  2. From Photos into PDFs
  3. From Webpage, Email,  Messenger, or a Third-party App
  4. Convert Microsoft Word Document Files into PDFs
  5. Scan Documents and Create Editable PDFs
  6. Create a Blank PDF File from Scratch 

Create PDF from the iOS Files App 

To import PDF from Files, tap the Folder icon on the top left corner of the Kdan PDF Reader app and select “Browse”. You can view documents from your iOS Files app and import files in various formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and any popular image file types like JPG, PNG, etc. Preview the document or image, then convert the selected file into a PDF document.

Create PDFs from Photos

To create a PDF from photos in PDF Reader, tap “Create PDFs” from the file manager and select “Image to PDF”. You can select a single image or multiple image files, and convert them into a PDF.

Alternatively, you can select pictures from Photos and preview images from your iPhone Photos. Tap the share button, and select “Edit with PDF Reader” to convert photos into a PDF File.

Create PDF from a Third-party App (Webpage, Email, or Messages)

To create a PDF from an email or message attachment, use the share option to view the source PDF file. Open the content that you want to convert, and select “Edit with PDF Reader” from the list of apps to open the document in Kdan PDF Reader.

To create a PDF from a web page using the Kdan PDF Reader app on iPhone, first, navigate to the desired web page in Safari. Then, tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen and select the “Edit with PDF Reader” option from the list of available actions. This will open the web page as a PDF document in the Kdan PDF Reader app. From there, you can edit, annotate, and save the PDF file as needed. This is a useful feature for saving web pages for future reading, sharing with others, or archiving important information.

Create a PDF from an Existing Microsoft Word Document or Keynote Files

Kdan PDF Reader is a versatile app that allows users to create a PDF from an existing Microsoft Word Document, Keynote files, or a variety of Microsoft Office file formats directly from their iPhone or iPad.

To do this, simply open the Kdan PDF Reader app, and then select the Folder icon from the upper left corner. From the file menu, import the Word Document or Keynote file you wish to convert to a PDF. Once the file is imported, Kdan PDF Reader allows you to convert it into PDF format. 

Scan Documents and Create Editable PDFs with OCR

Kdan PDF Reader is a powerful tool that allows users to scan documents and create editable PDFs with ease. By using the app’s built-in OCR feature, users can scan physical documents and convert them into editable PDF files, making it easy to capture important information and work with it digitally. With OCR technology, Kdan PDF Reader is able to recognize text in scanned documents, even if the text is not in digital format, allowing you to edit the text and make changes as needed.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses and professionals who need to work with physical documents regularly, as it enables them to quickly and easily digitize their paper documents, reducing the need for physical storage space and making it easier to share and collaborate on documents with colleagues. 

Create a Blank PDF from Scratch

Kdan PDF Reader is a versatile app that allows you to create a blank PDF from scratch quickly and easily. To create a blank PDF, simply open the Kdan PDF Reader app and tap the “Create PDF” button. From there, choose the option to create a “New Blank PDF”. You can customize your PDF file further by adding text, images, and other elements, including shapes and symbols, to create a professional-looking document.

With Kdan PDF Reader, you can also customize the PDF file’s security settings, including adding a password or watermark, to ensure that your document remains secure and protected. You can also request signatures by tapping the “\signature button”\. Whether you need to create a simple document or a complex report, Kdan PDF Reader is the perfect tool for creating and managing your PDF files on the go.

Edit and Enhance the PDF Document with Your PDF Editor

Once you’ve imported or created your PDF file with Kdan PDF Reader, you can edit and enhance it in various ways. Here are some examples:

To add text to your PDF, tap the “T” icon at the bottom of the app to select the Text tool. You can choose the font, size, color, and opacity of the text, and type it anywhere on the page.

To add a photo to PDF, select the Image tool from the menu. You can choose an image from your device’s Photos or use your phone camera to place an image anywhere on the page. You can also add various form fields, such as shapes, stamps, hyperlinks, and signatures. Once you’ve added the form fields, you can save the PDF as an editable PDF to share with others, or create a flattened copy to avoid further edits.

merge pdf files with iphone

One important aspect of document management is managing PDF file size. With Kdan PDF Reader, you can merge multiple PDF files to reduce the overall file sizes and make it easier to manage your documents. Additionally, you can split PDF files into smaller files, making it easier to share and collaborate with colleagues.

Kdan PDF Reader also allows you to compress PDF files, which reduces the file size even further without compromising the quality of the document. This feature is particularly useful for sending large files via email or uploading them to the cloud.

Whether you need to create a simple document or a complex report, Kdan PDF Reader is the perfect tool for creating and managing your PDF files on the go.

Save and Share Your PDF

Once you’ve edited and enhanced your PDF documents, the final step is to save and share them. Protecting the privacy of documents is crucial and Kdan PDF Reader offers several security features to help you do just that. One of the most effective ways to protect a PDF is by adding a password. With Kdan PDF Reader, you can easily add a password to your PDF file, which ensures that only authorized users can access the document. It is just as simple to remove a password from PDF files.

Additionally, Kdan PDF Reader allows you to add watermarks to your PDF files, which can help prevent unauthorized distribution or copying of your documents. The watermark can include text or an image, and it can be customized to suit your specific needs. By adding a password or watermark to your PDF files, you can ensure that your documents remain secure and protected, even when they are shared with others.

To share your PDF, tap the share icon and select a sharing option, such as email, message, or AirDrop. You can choose to share the original PDF without annotations, the annotated PDF, a flattened copy to protect further editing, or share a file link for anyone to view the file in a web browser. Then you can select the destination to save to Files, share the file via Messenger, email, AirDrop, or save to a Cloud storage space. 

Get Started with PDF Reader Today

In conclusion, creating PDFs on your iPhone is a breeze with the Kdan PDF Reader. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, you can create, edit, and share PDFs on the go, no matter where you are. So, why wait? Download the Kdan PDF Reader today and start creating PDFs like a pro.

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