Choose the Best Alternative to Adobe: Finding the PDF Solution that Meets Your Needs Across Device, Platform, and Doesn’t Break the Bank

Finding the solutions

The business world was changed forever in 1993 when Adobe first developed the PDF format. PDF format allows individuals and businesses to create documents that cannot be edited, making it possible to share files on different devices and platforms without worrying about content or layout changes. They also preserve annotations and comments made on documents while securing private or confidential information.


The business world changed again in 2008 when the International Organization for Standardization published the PDF format as an open standard, opening the door for other companies to provide PDF-related software solutions. Naturally, Adobe is the most recognizable and widely-used brand in the PDF game, but did you know about the ways other companies, like Nitro, Foxit Software, or Kdan Mobile are satisfying businesses’ needs for creating, editing, and sharing PDF documents?

What are the core needs of PDF software?

When businesses say they are looking for a PDF software, what are they really looking for? The core functionalities should include the abilities to view and annotate PDFs; create fillable forms, and convert other file formats into PDFs.

These three functions will fulfill most businesses’ needs and are supported by the majority of PDF software providers.

What factors should businesses look at when selecting their PDF solution?

Given that businesses will have their core needs met regardless of which provider they choose, what other factors separate one company from another? Two of the most important are price and security.

There’s a stereotype that for a business or individual to have their PDF-related needs met, they will need to pay upwards $15 per month. This isn’t true, however, as software packages, like Kdan’s, can be as low as $4.50 a month per account.

In regards to security, companies need to trust that the documents they are sharing internally and/or externally are safe from the wrong hands. Some of the most prominent PDF solution providers have reported security breaches over the past several years which can lead to issues for organizations and/or consumers who are entrusting their personal data or proof of steady profits with a company.

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How does Kdan meet businesses’ needs?

Since Kdan’s inception in 2009, we have offered our flagship application, PDF Reader, as a PDF solution for individuals and businesses alike. PDF Reader, which can be accessed for free, is part of our Document 365 series that users can upgrade to and unlock premium features. Document 365 gives users the ability to create fillable forms and convert various file formats into PDFs. It also lets them view, annotate, and add e-signatures, watermarks, and more to PDF documents.

PDF Reader’s performance and rendering speed on smartphones sets apart from other mobile PDF solutions. Our app is the oldest PDF solution available for iOS users, however PDF Reader, and the entirety of Kdan’s other apps and services, are available on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

From a pricing standpoint, Kdan’s PDF solution is unique, as its cost is based on registered email address(es), rather than device(s). This frees a user to go from mobile, to desktop, to tablet, and back to mobile if they choose while accessing the same documents and not having to purchase multiple subscriptions.


This cross-device subscription model speaks to Kdan’s emphasis on workplace mobility. Today’s workers are on the go more than ever before and are required to send and receive important information at a moment’s notice, regardless of the device or platform they are using. Our focus on mobility gives professionals the power to access important documents, make notes, sign forms, transfer files, and more at their fingertips.

What’s more, Document 365 also gives users 1TB of secure Kdan Cloud storage (roughly 67 times the space available on Google Drive) where they can store their private files and other information.
If you’re interested in exploring our alternative solution to Adobe’s enterprise solutions, you can learn more or start a free trial here.

Author: Joey DiGangi III

Joey DiGangi is a global marketing specialist with Kdan Mobile, located in the US office in Pennsylvania. He graduated in May 2018 from Juniata College with a degree in marketing management and a minor in communication.