3 BYOD Hacks For More Productive Meetings

They say that there are two things in life you can’t escape from death and taxes. To this, I would add meetings, that oft-pilloried institution ubiquitous in every business large or small. The vast majority of meetings have become synonymous with inefficiency, boredom, and endless discussions leading nowhere. We dread attending them. Yet for all the time and resources they waste, meetings remain an inescapable part of business culture.

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5 Tips on How Creativity in Business can Help You Achieve Success

The usual interpretation of creativity is often associated with art and design. For example, painting a picture or designing a new room layout are all part of definition of creativity. But creativity can be employed in every aspect of life. Creative people think of valuable and practical ways of doing things. They discover new ideas and possibilities. This kind of creativity has become essential in the modern, competitive world of business and is an incredible transferable skill for those who can master it. Continue reading “5 Tips on How Creativity in Business can Help You Achieve Success”

PDF Reader Extends its Features on Universal Windows Platform

Dear users of PDF Reader on Windows, we have got some fantastic news for you!

PDF Reader for Windows has just launched an update with the addition of Windows Ink and Creativity 365. Besides benefiting from the Windows Ink technology, you can take advantage of the improved user interface with all the extended tools and Cloud storage that enables file synchronization as well as data security and encryption. It is possible to achieve a higher level of personal security and privacy by utilizing robust features of data security management. Enjoy streamlining and optimizing your content creation workflow across different devices, be it Windows, Android or iOS. Continue reading “PDF Reader Extends its Features on Universal Windows Platform”

How I Made a Video Resume Without Filming Myself

It’s important to separate yourself from the sea of applications as a job candidate. A video resume allows you to express personality, show interpersonal skills, and display your public speaking to an employer, where the traditional written resume does not. Matching your personality and attitude with the culture of a company has become increasingly more important when selecting candidates for a new position. Being able to display this firsthand through a video resume will not only help the employer but will ensure that the applicant will be matched with an appropriate role. Using simple editing software can give you the tools needed to create a professional, yet attention-grabbing resume. An effective video resume will impress the hiring manager and may give the extra push needed to secure the position.

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The New Era: Content is King – And We Need More Tools to Generate Content

The old “cash is king” maxim is outdated. Not that cash doesn’t serve us well anymore; it’s the way that generates cash has changed drastically in the internet era.

“What’s worth money these days?” You might ask. The answer lies in the old wisdom: the things people pay most attention to these days are generally the money source.   Examples? Instagram was worth $1 billion in 2012; Craigslist.com, which claimed to have over 50 billion monthly page views,  once received $32 million from eBay in its acquisition effort; Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users in the latest CNET coverage and was being valued at over $100 billion before their IPO… I could go on and on. Continue reading “The New Era: Content is King – And We Need More Tools to Generate Content”