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Animation Desk, Animation Maker for Mobile Devices

We will help you navigate through the Animation Desk editing interface, showing you where each tool is located, as well as some hand gestures. You will be able to use the app efficiently after reading this tutorial.

Getting Around with Animation Desk

Editing Tools

In the editing section, you will see the Copy-and-Paste Tool, Brush Tools, Color-Filling, Rulers, and Color Swatch on the top row.



On the right side of the canvas are the layers. Collapse or hide the layers by tapping the layer button. Additionally, you will see a number on the layer button that indicates the current layer you are using. You can find this number even when you hide the layer panel. For more information about the layer features, please visit Animated with Layers.



At the bottom of the canvas is the timeline, where you can find all the frames. You can add new frames by tapping the “+” at the end of the timeline. Tap on each frame to duplicate, repeat, delete or tag an existing frame. Drag a frame to change the frame orders.

To hide the timeline, tap the timeline buttons.

AnimationDesk_App_FrameTimeline_iPad ADiOS_InterfaceNavigation_FrameTimeline_iPhone

Frame Viewer

Open the frame viewer to have an overview of all the frames in a sequence. Similarly, you can select a frame to duplicate, repeat, delete, or tag it.

AnimationDesk_App_FrameTimeline ADiOS_InterfaceNavigation_FrameTimeline

How to Preview the Animation

Tap the Play button to preview the animation.

AnimationDesk_App_FrameTimeline_iPad AnimationDesk_App_FrameTimeline_iPhone

Hand Gestures for Animation Desk iOS

  • Rotate the Canvas: Place two fingers and turn to rotate the canvas
  • Move the Canvas: Place two fingers on the canvas to move it around
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out: Use pinch and spread hand gestures to zoom-in and zoom-out the canvas

Let's Try it Out: Start Drawing Animations

We hope this information is helpful to you. Now, try to create a new animation sequence with 6 frames and with FPS 12. Draw a short bouncing ball animation within the 6 frames.

Go to the frame viewer. Select and duplicate these frames. Now you have 12 frames. Preview the animation. We hope you like it!


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