How to Create Animations Efficiently with the Selection Tools


Save Time with the Selection Tool

Are you overwhelmed by drawing frames over and over again? If so, please try the selection tools. Use the selection tools to crop, copy, or paste a part of the image across different layers and frames.

Where is the selection tool in Animation Desk Windows 10?

Click the scissors button to use the selection tool. As the video shows above, you can copy and paste drawings across frames to create a series of motions. Moreover, you can transform the selected drawing to create interesting effects.

Cut, Copy, and Paste

After making a selection, you can choose to cut or copy the drawing. Click the "Paste" button to paste the drawing on different frames or layers. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Why the Drawing is not Pasted?

If this happened, please check if you are on the correct layer, and make sure that you have already clicked the "Paste" button to paste the drawing on the canvas.

Transform and Rotate the Selection

In the sample video, we change the shape a little bit to exaggerate the motion. Drag dots at the corner of the selection outline to transform or rotate the selected drawings.

Inspiration: the Cut-Out Animation

A cut-out animation uses 2D animation props and scenes and moves these elements to create an animated effect. Usually, a character is joined by many parts with flexible joints, so the animators can easily move only parts of the body. This technique reuses the pieces and requires less drawing. Likewise, we can cut off parts of drawings or pictures to save time on repetitive drawings.


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