How to Manage Colors in Animation Desk


How to Choose Colors for Your Animations

Color can demonstrate energy, emotion, and contrast. You can group colors as cold and warm color schemes. On the color wheel, each color has its complementary and analogous colors. The former creates vivid contrast, while the latter is harmonious. There are also triadic color schemes, split-complementary color schemes, rectangle (tetradic) color schemes, and square color schemes.

Have Fun with Colors in Animation Desk

Switch Between Color Wheel and RGB

You can mix colors in the color wheel or using the RGB color scheme. Tap on “Wheel” or “RGB” to switch the color scheme.

Pick Colors from the Canvas

Tap on the Eyedropper button. Move the crosshair on the canvas and target on the spot where you want to pick the color. Tap “V” after you are done. The selected color will be saved in the color slot in your personal color palette.

Save Your Colors in Your Color Palette

Any color you pick from the canvas will be saved to your color palette. Tap the button on the top-right corner to save the color from the color wheel or RGB swatches.


Tap on the Palette tab to view your personal color palette. Long tap on a color slot to remove the color from a slot.

Let’s Try it Out: The Color Challenge Animation

Do you like the color palette in Animation Desk? Why not set up a set of 3 colors and use only these 3 colors to create a short animation? Share your animation on social media with #AnimationDesk, so we can spot your work.


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