How to Draw Animation on a Live-action Video


TikTok Fans? Spice up your short Video

Use Animation Desk to create magical effects on a live-action video. Create 2D animated effects such as smoke, hand-written captions, or animated characters on your short video with Animation Desk.

Draw Animations on Videos

  1. When creating a new sequence, select “Camera Roll”.
  2. Select a video that you want to work on.
  3. Animation Desk will break the videos into different frames. If it’s a 4-second video with 12 FPS, the app will generate 48 frames.
  4. You can now draw on the video in the editing interface.

Let's Try it Out: Draw Animated Logos on Your Video

Let’s start with some simple animations. Import a short video (about 2-3 seconds) as the background. Draw an animated logo on layer 01 and decorate the video with some shooting stars or other little animation clips. Let us know how the final results look like.


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