How to Make a Video Resume - Outline and Script


Many employers see the video resume as a plus in addition to the traditional resume (or a CV, a cover letter). It’s challenging to present yourself well in a short video format, but a carefully planned script with well-organized content will go a long way

What is a Video Resume?

A video resume is a medium for job seekers to present themselves to employers. It is usually a short video that includes a self-introduction, portfolio, and career expectations.The goal of a video resume is to give employers a more dynamic perspective about the candidate.

In some cases, a video resume serves as a tool to screen the candidates. Not all employers request a video resume from the candidates, but video resumes are gaining popularity in creative industries, such as marketing, design, or media.

How to Make an Outline for Your Video Resume

It’s important to tailor content for different audiences and the job positions you are applying for. Before writing a video outline, think about the following questions:

  • Who will be watching my video?
  • What do I want my audience to know about me?
  • How do I want to present myself in a video?

These questions will help you identify the key message of your video resume. After you have the basic ideas down, you can start filling out the content that supports these ideas. A script or storyboard is very helpful for organizing the information. You can reorder the scene to make sure each piece of information is connected and well-structured.

What should be Included in a Video Resume?

A video resume should be professional and relevant to the application. Here is a basic structure of a video resume:

  1. Opening
  • Greet the company representatives and introduce yourself
  • Address the position you are applying for
  1. Self-introduction with Work Experience
  • Explain why you are suitable for the job — it might be your work experience, academic background, personality, or passion.
  • Include relevant information only
  1. Skills, Knowledge, and Achievements
  • Talk about your skills and knowledge acquired in your work experience
  • Showcase your achievements
  1. A Thank You Note
  • Mention your name and reiterate the position you are applying for
  • Add contact information, such as email, telephone, or social media links, invite the recruiter to take actions In addition to the content, always double-check the lighting and audio recording quality while recording.

How Long Should a Video Resume be?

According to employment counselor Karin Lewis, the ideal length of a resume video is around 90 seconds. While video is a rich media format, your footage settings, visual design, and audio quality can all give clues about your personal traits or skills.

If you are an outdoor person, try to include outdoor footage and light music. If you want to emphasize your creative side, how about adding some animation to your resume?If you are an expert in project management, it might be helpful to present your logical thinking with an explanatory video. There isn’t a perfect format for a video resume. It depends on what message you want to deliver to your audience.

Example - BEST VIDEO CV EVER Source: Mark Leruste/ BEST VIDEO CV EVER

Example - VIDEO RESUME | Pervin L. Yabut Source: Pervin Yabut/ VIDEO RESUME

Recommended Feature in Write-on Video

Video Scripts A script helps you organize information. If you are not sure where to start, you can use the built-in “Video Resume” template. Simply use text and images to create a storyboard.


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